Flowburger: The Search for the One Burger

  • September 27 - 29, 2024
  • Home Afarm

    705 Rankin Road
    Seaman, Ohio 45679
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Welcome to Flowburger: The Search for the One Burger

Flowburger is a 42 hour juggling and flow arts retreat, and an experiment in minimalist flow events. There will be porto potties, music courtesy of Jonah's library, and a space to use for practice, learning and connecting with friends.


This time around, celebrate the end of summer and kick off the fall season with your flowmies! Friday night and all of Saturday! There will be tunes, a group meal, open stage, games, friends to share the experience with and more! 

Donation Options!
This year attendees and supporters can financially support Flowburger with donations. The infrastructure donations will be allocated to infrastructure needs and upgrades such as tables, walkies, renegade board etc. Food donations will be used for food and snacks during the event. Attendee donations will be utilized to help with transport costs for some attendees. Initially this will be allocated to individuals likely to teach or perform. This program may change in the future.

Finances will be shared after the event, expected expenses are porto potties, insurance and a stipend for maintenance and use of the land. If there is miraculously money left over it will go toward the next iteration of Flowburger and any incidental purchases made by the org to support the event.

The Structure

  • Workshops
    While there is no schedule, there will be a renegade board--if you want to see a workshop, teach it!
  • Fire Spinning
    We will have a fuel depot, BYO fuel
    We will not solicit volunteers for safety, each person is expected to safety for the next person to burn after them so no one is stuck on safety for more than a few minutes
  • Vendors
    None, food or otherwise. There are a handful of local eatery options within 10 minutes of the site, including a pretty decent pizza place called Snappy Tomato Pizza that delivers!
  • Performances
    There will be an open stage!
  • Volunteering
    Some volunteers will be needed for gate, contact Jonah if interested in helping out
  • Juggling Games
    Games will happen, probably during lunch, weather depending

The Rules

  • Gate is open 6pm to midnight Friday, it will reopen at 8am Saturday.
  • There are gate sales IF we have tickets left, but they end at 2pm Saturday.
  • Whips with No Crackers only
  • Fire Breathing restricted to specific spaces

This event will be operated in accordance with the 10 principles and our safer spaces policy. Pack everything you need to survive and have your idea of a fun time, be prepared to Leave No Trace, and above all Don't Be That Guy. 

the players

Up to 60 flowmies 

the locale

Come prepared for camping on 11 acres of field and forest, with swimming pond, in Seaman, Ohio near Tranquility Wilderness Preserve and Serpent Mound. There are plenty of shaded, hike in campsites and a big, flat, accessible field near parking. Preview campsite neighborhoods and see recommended directions on the property map >

the temporal relation

Friday, September 27 - Sunday, September 29, 2024

the cost

$25 per person

the backstory

Many moons ago Marvin Ong would wax poetic on his "make your own cheeseburger" philosophy. Everyone has a different definition of the perfect cheeseburger. Some people like mustard but not pickles, some want a bun, some want a donut as the bun, some don't even want cheese. In the end, only you know your perfect cheeseburger, and you're welcome to enjoy it how you like, just don't go raining on someone else's cheeseburger because they have different tastes.


After many years of co-creating events and working in the flow arts and juggling communities, the organizer Jonah has the opportunity and privilege to present this variation on the flow arts retreat cheeseburger. An event focused on keeping costs as low as possible, inspired by burns and modeled in large part on juggling conventions.

Covid Vaccination Policy

Attendees must be Vaccinated, if able. Per the CDC, this generally means at least 2 doses, plus booster if initial series was more than 5 months before the start of the event. 

Or, test at home and again at gate

Take a home Covid test before leaving for Flowburger, present a timestamped photo and take a second test at the gate (BYO test)

Or, bring PCR results

Receipt of a Covid PCR test time stamped within 72 hours

We highly encourage all attendees, even vaccinated, to test before leaving the house as Covid has grown more prevalent and effectiveness of vaccines has decreased.

See CDC Up to Date guidelines >

Date & Time

Sep 27, 2024 6:00 PM - Sep 29, 2024 12:00 PM

Venue Details

Home Afarm

705 Rankin Road
Seaman, Ohio 45679 Home Afarm
Sentient Meat