Futakuchi Onna - Archived

  • January 20 - 22, 2023
  • ATC Temple of Music and Art Cabaret Theater

    330 South Scott Avenue
    Tucson, Arizona 85701
Ticket Price $12.00 This event is now over

A woman battles the curse she has inherited from her ancestors - the Futukuchi Onna. This Japanese monster, also known as a yokai,  manifests as a heckling mouth on the back of her head. The Futakuchi Onna impedes the woman’s pursuit of music, destroys her relationships and leads her to despair. And yet, the Futukuchi Onna also has some lessons to teach. With acceptance, one can find balance, understanding and the courage it takes to be yourself.

Content Warning: 13+, Sexual Content.

Artist Bio: When Kristin auditioned and was cast as Madame Hattori in Shanna Fujji’s short film Madame Hattori’s Izakaya,  she learned of the breathtaking Japanese myth - Futuakuchi Onna.  The film and the folklore inspired some personal reflection and inspiration which led to this solo show.  

Kristin has been studying acting at Arizona Actor’s Academy since 2017 and currently teaches Performing Arts at Knox Gifted Academy K-6 in Chandler, AZ.  She hopes to pursue performance full-time when she retires.  Kristin also enjoys (yes, enjoys) running marathons and making videos of her talented cat, Satori.  This is her first Fringe experience and she is excited to share her story with the Tucson Fringe community.

Date & Time

Jan 20 - 22, 2023

Venue Details

ATC Temple of Music and Art Cabaret Theater

330 South Scott Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85701 ATC Temple of Music and Art Cabaret Theater
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