Halloween Dance & Costumes

  • Fri, Oct 28, 2022 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Hillcrest High School Cafateria

    9924 Hillcrest Road
    Dallas, Texas 75230
Ticket Price $5.00 This event is now over

The Hillcrest Drama Booster Club proudly presents the 2022 Halloween Dance!

Join us on Friday, October 28th, from 5 - 7 pm as we celebrate the fall season with a spooky dance. There will be Live Music, a costume contest, and more!

Do you want to wear your costume to school on the 28th and then dance away in the afternoon? Buy your tickets online TODAY or in person on 10/26 & 10/27 at the auditorium. This event is for Hillcrest High school students ONLY.

Tickets grant you access to the Dance, and to wear your costumes to school! You don't have to do both. You can choose what you want to do!

Students who plan on wearing their costumes to school must pick up a COSTUME WRISTBAND on 10/26 or 10/27 after school at the auditorium.

Costume Guidelines:

  1. The costume should be appropriate for school.
  2. The costume should be tasteful. Undergarments and swimwear are not appropriate as a costume.
  3. The costume should not hamper the student’s responsibility of carrying school supplies or being seated and working in class.
  4. Costumes should allow access for students to use the bathroom.
  5. No accessories. Costumes that require carrying any extra and/or unsafe items, such as skateboards, surfboards, swords, guns, spears, etc., are unacceptable.
  6. No baby bottles or pajamas.
  7. No pacifiers, false teeth, or anything placed in the mouth.
  8. Costumes should not reflect graphic violence or extreme blood and gore.
  9. Face covering policy remains the same.
  10. No full-face masks or pullover masks, or hoods.
  11. No costumes are allowed that would completely hide the identity of the student, i.e., Hazmat suit, gorilla suit, or “Scream” character.
  12. No excessive facial make-up. Make-up should not be brought to school, including tubes of cream, hair color spray, fake blood, etc.
  13. Hats and wigs as part of the costumes are permitted. They must not pose a
    distraction to the learning environment; they must be removed at the
    the request of any staff member
  14. Footwear must be safe and supportive. No sandals, flip-flops, or slippery party shoes. Students who have PE class must wear or bring sneakers.
  15. No silly string or toy-like accessories.
  16. Costumes that are sexually suggestive and would otherwise violate the
    school’s dress code are inappropriate and cannot be worn.
  17. Nothing that promotes illegal substances or activities is derogatory or disrespectful or portrays violence.
  18. All costumes must be sensitive to all religious and ethnic groups; free
    from any language or symbols that target or inappropriately identify
    groups of students.
  19. Costumes should not include items with sound effects, lights, or other
    components which would disrupt the classroom learning environment.
  20. If you are not sure the costume is appropriate – it probably is not!
Date & Time

Fri, Oct 28, 2022 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Venue Details

Hillcrest High School Cafateria

9924 Hillcrest Road
Dallas, Texas 75230 Hillcrest High School Cafateria
Hillcrest Drama Booster Club

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