Haunted Homecoming

  • Oct 28, 2023 7:00 PM - Oct 29, 2023 2:00 AM
  • Special Entrance at Aficionados of Augusta

    307 8th Street
    Augusta, Georgia 30901
Ticket Price $5.00-$25.00 This event is now over

In conjunction with the Black Cat Carnival put on by Le Chat Noir, the local horror legends at Diabolical By Design are expanding the fright radius to another party worth dying for. 

Let's set the scene... 

Its 1994, and Augusta High's Homecoming was so terrible, not only did everyone die, but they also became trapped in a nostalgic nightmare. According to legend, every year on the anniversary of the tragedy, the school's old auditorium fills with the ghosts of students and parents past. That fateful night, students oversaw raising money for their prom, while parents did a terrible job chaperoning the event, and without notice, all attendees perished leaving police and the press baffled. Can you figure out what happened that night?

With a mix of high school debauchery and the terror of being trapped in limbo, the events originally held at this fundraiser will surely delight and fright.

Events include:

7 minutes in Hell – 3 tickets for 1 person, 5 tickets for 2 people

A mini-haunt sure to leave you and your friends terrified of the lights going out

Fear Pong – 1 ticket per shot

Like its rhyming sibling, only prizes can include things that awesome, or gross, or awesomely gross. This isn’t your normal pong either, there are easy shots for easy prizes, and the prizes get better depending on the difficulty of the shot being taken.

 Slaughter Shots – 5 tickets per photo 

Remember Glamour shots, we bet you do. These photo ops have the look and feel of yesteryear, but bloody. Kill each other in front of a rad background or get killed by our murderous high schoolers with weapons.

P.T.A. Bake Sale – 5 tickets per item

Now before some of you assume this seems like a normal high school function, we promise it’s not. The Parent Teacher Afterlife (see what we did there) has lots of goodies to sink your fangs into. 

Ghoulish Delicacies include

Grave Cakes – Mini cakes fashioned as grave plot

Wolf Kibble – You wouldn’t know a werewolf’s favorite snack is filled with chocolate and peanut butter

Chocolate Wands – Cast your spells before you take a bite, otherwise it won’t function properly

Vampire Kiss Cookies – Raspberry filled cookies, freshly fang pierced of course 

And more…


Defreshment Stand 5 tickets per Alcoholic Concoction

Those high schoolers are running a racket by serving spiked specialties to those who are of age. 

Frightful Spirits include:        

Ghoulaid – a tropical, melon, slimer-colored treat

First Bitten – cranberry vodka’s more delicious and devilish brother

Outbreak – the strongest of our concoction, poured over fresh virions (sour gummy worms)

Sodas will also be served for 1 ticket each


Not-So-Silent Superlative Auction 

The yearbook team thought they could get by with selling superlatives to students and boy has it gotten out of hand. The yearbook team has come up with quite a few zingers to describe yourself, a close relative, maybe even the person you bring with you.

These zingers will be printed out on rectangular sticker sheets reminiscent of what most people would use to decorate their car, but we are only printing them on these sheets to save money, not to imply that these “zingers” are to be placed on moving or not moving vehicles. Just because that it is exactly what is made for, doesn’t mean you have to use it for that, right?!? Do with that information what you must.

At the conclusion of the night, all individual superlatives will be awarded to their corresponding highest bidders. At the same station, there will be another contest where we will choose who the new Haunted Homecoming King and Queen. Come up with the best answer for our question posted at the event table, be chosen for prizes, and to be crowned in front of the entire school as it should be!

Please join the Facebook Group for questions, updates, and more information as we get closer and closer to the best Halloween bash ever.

Come experience the thrills, the chills, and if the night permits... a few blood spills.

Come support Le Chat Noir, the Black Cat Carnival, and Diabolical By Design

Keep Augusta Weird!

Date & Time

Oct 28, 2023 7:00 PM - Oct 29, 2023 2:00 AM

Venue Details

Special Entrance at Aficionados of Augusta

307 8th Street
Augusta, Georgia 30901 Special Entrance at Aficionados of Augusta