"HAUNTING & TAUNTING" An Immersive Haunted House & Theatre Show


    1109 Maunakea Street
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Ticket Price $10.00-$66.00 This event is now over

BOO! Announcing the GRANDE OPENING of EVOLVE lounge, Honolulu's newest immersive theatre and lounge located inside IMURSE at the Chinatown Artist Lofts.  15+ performing artists have crafted a sexy and spooktacular Haunted House and Show like none other, "Haunting & Taunting: An Immersive Haunted House & Theatre Show." Artists Parallell and Sweetbaby have been working on renovating and converting their two conjoining Chinatown artist lofts into an immersive theatre and lounge consistently for one and a half years. They are finally ready to debut their collaborative creation and share this space in its entirety with the world. With two stages, two elixir bars, a magical portal, a 30-person seated vintage lounge, and a 70-person standing room audience on two balcony floors, these lofts support a unique venue that cannot be compared. IMURSE already has a reputation for being the pulsing heartbeat of creativity in the Chinatown community with its elegant aesthetic and colorful appeal, but the organization has now truly transformed, or shall we say EVOLVEd.!! IMURSE is also celebrating its newest status as a Performing Arts & Technology Nonprofit! We are NOT a for-profit LLC and we are structuring this organization as a Nonprofit. Our goal is to move from a Nonprofit private members club into a 501c3 by 2025. By supporting us you are truly supporting 100% of the grassroots arts community, totally uninfluenced, unadulterated, and in its rawest form.

IMURSE theatre and lounge is celebrating this grande debut and taking Halloween to a whole new level with  "Haunting & Taunting" An Immersive Haunted House & Show, written by Artist and Producer Parallell. Her intention with this show is to set the precedence of IMURSE as a space that embraces immersive theatre with orchestral storytelling that provokes ever-shifting and deeply immersive, erotic, and thought-provoking experiences. Sweetbaby and Parallell are both excited to share the opportunity to create fresh and collaborative shows with Honolulu's creative community. Participating collaboration, for them, is the key measure of evaluating their success.

With that, we are introducing "Haunting & Taunting: An Immersive Haunted House and Theatre Show." Parallell has paired with 15+ artists to release this show and the incredible team has now curated a one-of-a-kind Halloween experience! 


SHOWING 5 Nights In a Row!!! 

Friday, October 27th 2023 - Tuesday, October 31st 2023

THIS EXPERIENCE HAS A START AND END TIME AND TIMELINESS IS MANDATORY!!!  Our not-so-friendly monster flight attendants will let you know when your showtime is up. 

Two-Ticket Types: 

  • Full 3 Hour Show, IMURSE Stage + EVOLVE Stage (recommended):
    • 6pm-9pm, 7pm-10pm, 8pm-11pm, 9pm-12am

and we are also offering a discounted tiered ticket below.

  • 2 Hour Show, IMURSE Stage only:
    • 6pm-8pm, 8pm-10pm, 10pm-12am



  • $66.00 per person: Lounge BOOTH seat with standing room access in IMURSE. Served with a complimentary drink. 
  • $60.00 per person: Lounge STOOL seat with standing room access in IMURSE. Served with a complimentary drink. 
  • $40.00 per person: Discounted ticket available. Miss the first hour of the show in EVOLVE Lounge and go straight to standing room access in IMURSE.


" VOODOO:"  Flash sale! Now through 10/13/23 get $7.00 off all ticket sales.

OR enter in your associated performer's promo codes to get the same discount code!


"Haunting & Taunting: An Immersive Haunted House and Theatre Show"

- "Poe in a Bag" by Jerome James and Z From Baltimore 

- "Aisle of the Afterlife" by Ky Kalani, Jonathon Price, Roze Arya

-  "Playing with Food" by Fire Siren, Parallell, Kayti Bunni

-  "Scaredcrow" by Maria Theresa and Jonathon Price

-  "Clyde the Clown" by AfrikaLynx, Susie Scorpio

-  "Dance of Dragon Death" by Kayti Bunni 

Immersive Cast: 

  • chainsaw flight attendants: Baddie Maddie, Rikita Turner, Mademoiselle Kabe, Miss Savvy
  • monsters: Sweetbaby Todd, J
  • voodoo witch: Nia Mora
  • elixir alchemists: Aimee, Kaimi
  • supporting staff: Belle, Nasia, Kiana
  • costume designers: Nia Mora, Parallell
  • lighting: Zaytek, Sweetbaby Todd, Innertain
  • DJ: Lena Lux, Taliko, Parallell
  • videography: Steve Wilhelm, Innertain,
  • writer, producer, director: Parallell

AfterParty Burlesque Show Cast: 

  • Val
  • MIss Savvy
  • Parallell
  • Ky Kalani
  • AfrikaLynx
  • Susie Scorpio
  • Maria Theresa
  • Mia
  • Mademoiselle Kabe


Information about the show: 

This show features characters and staff that are fully in costume and transitions from a hookah lounge jazz experience through a portal that leads into a standing room dark forest nightclub. The acts include all of the interdisciplinary arts including but not limited to poetry, acting, singing, shibari, aerial arts, stilt-walking, burlesque, fire eating, whipping, voodoo, virtual reality installations, immersive art, and large-scale installations and chainsaws (use your imagination.)   

This is an improvisational show, broken up on two different stages in both a seated and standing environment.

STAGE A (first hour) & STAGE B (second and third hours.)

Plan to party with your performers, with intermissions between each act that allows for a loose performance environment. Alternatively, we have a two hour show available only at Stage B, if you are ballin on a budget or short on time. 

This experience will be a rolling experience, and so you can book a time duration of two or three hours. Once your wristband expires, it is time to leave the Haunted Theatre. OR ELSE!


Happy Haunted Halloween! See you soon.


IMURSE Theatre & Lounge 

1116 Smith St Units 203 & 204

Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

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1109 Maunakea Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 IMURSE