Healing Together: Suicide Awareness & Grief Adults/Parents/Caregivers Supporting Young People

  • April 27, 2024 10:30 am - 2:30 pm
  • Hillview Intercultural Community Centre

    1-3 Hill View Place
    Bentley, Western Australia 6102
Ticket Price (AUD) Free This event is now over

Join us for a day of Learning Together and Healing Together! Engage in empowering discussions and receive invaluable support as we equip parents/ caregivers with the tools and knowledge to confidently navigate the challenges of suicide loss and grief among young people. This event is a safe space where parents, caregivers, and anyone in a supportive role can learn, grow, and heal together, empowering the next generation.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Suicide Awareness: Gain valuable insights into understanding suicide and its profound impact on individuals, young people, families, and communities.
  • Grief Support: Discover effective strategies for supporting young people through the grieving process, fostering resilience, and promoting healing.
  • Role-Play Sessions: Engage in interactive exercises to practice compassionate communication with young people about mental health and suicide.
  • Destigmatizing Mental Health: Explore ways to break down societal and cultural taboos surrounding mental health and suicide, fostering open dialogue and understanding.
  • Mindfulness Activities: Experience tailored mindfulness practices to manage stress and cultivate a sense of calm amidst life's challenges.
  • Supporting Youth: Gain insights into how to help young people navigate their emotions, build resilience, and seek support when needed. Learn techniques for co-regulating emotions with young people, promoting healthy coping mechanisms, and emotional well-being.

What To Bring? 

Remember to bring a towel and wear comfortable clothes, as this will be a creative and interactive session. We encourage parents, caregivers, and all those in supportive roles to attend; let's unite for our next generations. There is no gender for mental health.

Don't miss this opportunity to join our supportive community and embark on a journey of empowerment, healing, and connection. 

Join us on April 27th, and together, let's create a brighter, more supportive future for our young people.


Hosted By Sisters Healing Space 


Nicholah is a highly experienced Black African Social Worker, Therapist, Mental Health Clinician founder of Sisters Healing Space. Her research focuses on decolonising mental health practices and exploring the impact of racial trauma. With over five years of experience in the human services and mental health sector, Nicholah specialises in trauma therapy, including childhood trauma, inter-generational trauma, and therapy for those who have experienced sexual abuse and racial trauma.


StandBy Support After Suicide- Anglicare WA


This session will be delivered alongside Sita Wong from StandBy Support After Suicide- Anglicare WA. 

We provide this service across all regions of Western Australia, providing support after losing a friend, family member or loved one to suicide. Whether the loss was recent or a long time ago, we listen and provide support tailored to your individual needs.


Date & Time

Sat, Apr 27, 2024 10:30 am - 2:30 pm

Venue Details

Hillview Intercultural Community Centre

1-3 Hill View Place
Bentley, Western Australia 6102 Hillview Intercultural Community Centre

Sisters Healing Space promotes healing and wellness for women from minority and marginalised groups (Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour (BIWOC) as they embark on their healing and wellness journey.

We provide an online therapist and wellness directory that gives our Sisters the autonomy to select from a list of diverse nationwide therapist and wellness professionals on their healing and wellness journey. We aim to destigmatise and decolonise therapy and wellness by facilitating therapeutic workshops, developing courses and providing racial trauma therapy and consultancy.