🍃Herbal Elegance Revue 💫 Burlesque Stage Show 🪩

  • February 17 - April 27, 2024
  • The Green Room on Ventura

    14082 Ventura Boulevard
    Los Angeles, California 91423
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Experience the Dazzle 💫 of The Herbal 🍃Elegance Revue

 Led by the charismatic Gwen Ruby and her dynamic dance troupe, this spectacle is a celebration of glamour, sensuality, and artistry.

Prepare for an unforgettable night...

...of allure and laughter at The Herbal Elegance Revue, where the vivacious world of burlesque collides with a serene, herbal-friendly atmosphere. Gwen Ruby, with her enchanting wit and magnetic presence, masterfully hosts an evening brimming with captivating performances. Her skillful narration and seamless transitions ensure that the audience is not just watching a show but is transported into a realm of enchantment and delight.

This event isn’t just about the performances; it's an invitation to embrace a unique experience where relaxation meets entertainment. Indulge in the elegance of burlesque while enjoying an atmosphere that encourages unwinding and joy.

Open exclusively to guests 21 and over, each ticket also comes with a special cannabis 🍃 gift, making your evening even more memorable. Don't miss the chance to be part of this exquisite blend of entertainment and heady enhancement.

Join us for The Herbal Elegance Revue and let Gwen Ruby and her troupe take you on a journey of discovery, laughter, and unadulterated enjoyment. 

Secure your ticket now, Limited Availability- and step into a world where every performance is a masterpiece of sensuality and sophistication.


Date & Time

Feb 17 - Apr 27, 2024

Venue Details

The Green Room on Ventura

14082 Ventura Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 91423 The Green Room on Ventura