High Vibes Yoga🌃🍃🧘🏽‍♀️

  • February 25 - April 21, 2024
  • The Green Room on Ventura

    14082 Ventura Boulevard
    Los Angeles, California 91423
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Elevate Your Yoga 🧘🏽‍♀️🍃Experience with High Vibes Yoga at The Green Room

 Where every breath and stretch brings you closer to ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation

Join us for an unparalleled session of High Vibes Yoga in the serene ambiance of The Green Room. Led by the renowned Dani Joy, this yoga class is more than a series of poses—it's a holistic journey designed to harmonize body, mind, and spirit.

Dani's expertise will guide you through breathing exercises, stretching routines, and meditative practices, all tailored to align with the enhanced serenity provided by the carefully curated items in your complimentary 🍃 gift bag. These aren't just any items; our event coordinator has partnered with leading cannabis brands to select formulations that perfectly complement your yoga flow, enriching your practice and deepening your state of relaxation.

Bring your own yoga mat and prepare to immerse yourself in a mindful practice that not only invigorates the body but also calms the mind. This session is a unique opportunity to connect with your inner self in a supportive and tranquil environment, enhanced by the collective energy of fellow yoga enthusiasts.

With limited spots available... 

...ensure you don't miss out on this exquisite blend of wellness, tranquility, and elevated consciousness. Secure your place today and step into a realm where yoga and the calming effects of cannabis converge to create a profoundly enriching experience. 

Join us at High Vibes Yoga and find your balance, enhance your wellness, and leave feeling truly transformed.

Date & Time

Feb 25 - Apr 21, 2024

Venue Details

The Green Room on Ventura

14082 Ventura Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 91423 The Green Room on Ventura