Hip Hop: The Next Gen

  • May 4, 2024 9:00 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.
  • Seahorse Tavern

    2037 Gottingen Street
    Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 3B1
Ticket Price (CAD) $10.00 This event is now over

Calling all rap lovers old school and new!

Next Gen is about renewing Hip Hop‘s legacy by respecting the past and making space for the future. Can legacies evolve? Are legacies shared? Can you bop to boom bap and trap back to back? Join us on May 4th at the Seahorse to find out.

Presented by General Khan and Feat. Special Guest DJ OKAY TK

Hip Hop: The Next Gen is a musical experience that focuses on the next generation of rap legacies.

Chieffy | J u í c e | BASYL | LXVNDR | Yohvn Blvck


General Khan

General Khan is a local artist and community organizer, born and raised in Kjipuktuk, Mi’kma’ki (Halifax, Nova Scotia). General Khan’s art style is influenced by her lived experiences with oppression such as white supremacy, colonialism, displacement, racism, Islamophobia, ableism, and more.

General Khan is also a local community organizer. She is known for her overwhelming passion and commitment to dismantling systems of oppression. At most actions, you’ll find her on the megaphone chanting. Those closest to her know her for her big smile and an even bigger heart.

To learn more about General Khan, follow her @iamgeneralkhan

Okay TK

OKAY TK is a DJ based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. TK has won multiple awards and DJ competitions over the years. Continues to perform on the national stages. His performances are about connecting with the listener through his song selection, technical ability, and stage presence.



Cheiffy is an Afro – Indigenous Hip Hop artist hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, whose music explores the topics of race, poverty, mental health, and spiritual growth. Sonically his music lives in the traditions of hip hop blues and rock and roll his music is a unique blend of boom bap, trap, and abstract hip hop. Cheiffy is known for a laid back delivery allowing his lyrics to sink in and be digested by the listener, while also having an ear for melody and a taste for hooks.


J u í c e

J u í c e brings a unique blend of raw lyricism and infectious beats to the forefront of Canadian music. Hailing from Halifax, his music reflects personal experiences and societal observations. With a magnetic stage presence and unwavering dedication, J u í c e is leaving an indelible mark on the hip hop landscape, captivating audiences far beyond the streets of Halifax.



For BASYL, music is more than just a career; it serves as a profound avenue for self-expression. Hailing from the heart of the Middle East, BASYL; a Palestinian rapper crafts a unique style that blends the melodic vibes of R&B with meticulously crafted lyrics and an infectious, rhythmic flow. BASYL delves into themes such as freedom of speech, oppression, personal growth, and love through his music. His latest single, “As Of Late,” offers a tantalizing glimpse of his forthcoming EP, “Love Bombers,” currently in the works.



LXVNDR is an east-coast Hip Hop artist based out of Halifax. Her flow bounces around from hardcore, to lofi and even R & B! In the recent past she has been nominated for multiple music ns awards and ECMA’s.

Her music has been spun on DJ Premier’s radio station “Live From HeadqCourtez” 3 weeks in a row, with recent cameos in Maestro Fresh Wes’ TV series as well as appearing in Classified and Masta Ace’s “Sure Enough” music video !

Recognized by Chuck D as “the Canadian Queen of Hip Hop” she is very focused on advancing her musical career! Truly never knowing exactly what you’re going to get with LXVNDR, the only thing that can be guaranteed is : A VIBE!


Yohvn Blvck

“As the blistering Antiguan heat cools with the sunset, a teenage Edwin Yohance Hull is setting up mics and PAs on the docks. His birthplace is home to anything but a thriving rap scene. He, and the same fifteen faces, are the scene. Darkness overtakes the Caribbean oasis, and another Rap Night is underway. He performs to a small audience of supportive rap groups–people who helped him get his start. The moment is fleeting, as conversations about Hull and his family moving to Canada are becoming much more serious. He would have to leave the rap community he helped build behind, or at least for now. On the plane to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2013, Hull is unknowingly being launched into a new phase of his identity. He will become known as Yohvn Blvck, and usher in a new era of Canadian rap.”


Date & Time

Sat., May 4, 2024 9:00 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Venue Details

Seahorse Tavern

2037 Gottingen Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 3B1 Seahorse Tavern
Mayworks Kjipuktuk/Halifax

May 1st is marked throughout the world as International Workers’ Day, or May Day. A day when the workers of the world take to the streets (when not facing a pandemic) in every major city around the globe demanding justice, fairness and dignity for all. In North America, May Day has not been as prominent as it is in other parts of the world, but it is still celebrated in most major cities with a variety of political and community actions.  However, May Day isn’t simply a celebration of labour. It is a rallying call against our current economic system, a public declaration that “Capitalism Isn’t Working For Workers,” and an affirmation that a better world is possible.

One of the ways various labour councils and unions mark May Day is through the Mayworks Festival. Mayworks was originally conceived in 1986 by the Toronto and York District Labour Council and the idea has since spread to many cities across the country. The goal behind Mayworks is to bring workers and artists together and to use art to explore themes of justice, solidarity and liberation. Art has always been an important way of expressing political statements and Mayworks continues a long tradition of building bonds of solidarity between artists and labour organizations.

The first annual Mayworks Halifax festival took place in 2009 thanks to the organizing efforts of the Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council. Our festival has since grown exponentially from year to year and has now become Nova Scotia’s largest social justice-themed cultural event. Annually, our festival attracts over a thousand diverse audience members who take interest in issues of social, economic and environmental justice.

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