Holiday Air Plant Wreath Workshop

  • November 25 - December 16, 2023
  • Twigs & Figs

    15205 John J Delaney Drive
    Charlotte, North Carolina 28277
Ticket Price $45.00 This event is now over

Elevate your holiday décor with a one-of-a-kind wreath, crafted with captivating air plants. These delightful green wonders are not only visually stunning but also incredibly low-maintenance, making them the perfect addition to your seasonal festivities.

Our exclusive session provides you with all the essentials you need to create your masterpiece, including a 14" grapevine wreath that serves as the perfect backdrop for your air plant display. Plus, we've carefully curated your selection of air plants, featuring a stunning Xerograhica and other smaller tillandsia varieties.

But that's not all – we've added a touch of natural charm with pine cones, acorns, and other festive decorative items to give your wreath that extra holiday sparkle. The result is a stunning, eye-catching wreath that captures the essence of the season while requiring very little care.

Date & Time

Nov 25 - Dec 16, 2023

Venue Details

Twigs & Figs

15205 John J Delaney Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina 28277 Twigs & Figs
Twigs & Figs

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