Home Circle Series

  • January 29 - March 19, 2023
  • Eastern Standard Time

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Gather on Sunday at 5pm EST / 2pm PST to discuss the set up and development of your own home circle. This century old tool has been used successfully to connect with loved ones, obtain spiritual guidance, and manifest physical miracles.  Learn from experienced sitters, professional physical mediums, and exchange with one another as a collective to shorten the time it takes to produce results.


Are you interested in creating a safe, protocol driven home circle to accelerate your mediumship? Or are you currently hosting and/or sitting in home circle producing phenomena and want to raise the bar?


Now is the time. Open your spiritual gifts, enhance mediumship communication, manifest physical phenomena, raise your energy and/or simply improve your meditation practices.  Learn from experienced sitters and professional physical mediums on their experiences of hosting and participating in this century old tool to enhance your spiritual work.  Share in discussion of what’s working within the sittings, the types of phenomena being generated, and the techniques employed. 


Set your intention, and let's go!

Date & Time

Jan 29 - Mar 19, 2023

CurrentWay Wellness Movement

WELCOME!   Current WayTM Wellness Movement is an organization with conscious gathering of mind, body and spirit magnetized to support learnings of Natural Law and inner spiritual development.  All are invited to participate that support unconditional LOVE and LIGHT OF JOY.

This holistic movement formed to assist humanity in optimizing wholeness and wellness through the study of universal wisdoms and spiritual understanding without religious influence.  This organization offers personal exploration and expansion into the concepts balance and centeredness within the four (4) known bodies of being – physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental.  Teachings include mindfulness to support the “golden rule” and a practice of love in thoughts, words, actions, and deeds. LOVE is identified as the universal connection of all things. 


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Our main goals serve growth of unity, peace and inLIGHTenment within ourselves, and with others seeking balance and center.   

  • Gather to raise our vibrations. 
  • Share best practices to reach our highest BE-Ing.
  • Create goodness with our collective and individual universal hearts. 
  • Amplify LIGHT, serving ourselves and others.
  • Grow where its free to just be, as you are.


Current WayTM meets every Tuesday from 7-8:30PM EST online via Zoom and inperson from the Gates Mills Community Townhall located at 1460 Chagrin River Rd, Gates Mills, OH 44040.  Lecture topics include energy shares, intuition training, spirit art, metaphysical and holistic practices and tools of service.   Full moon meditations are celebrated in conjunction with lunar energies.  Also, look for special events and visiting guest mediums.  Many EXCITING opportunities coming this year.  And, if there is an experience or topic you would like to share, please let us know.


We hope you participate frequently and often adding to the power and freedom of awakening humanity.  May you find a special place in your heart and a new home with CurrentWay.   Thank you for joining and sharing your energies with this emerging holistic collective for wholeness and wellness.  


Espavo, (…an ancient expressions "Thank you for stepping into and acknowledging your power".  Our way of saying Namaste with a dash of cayanne.)

Beth & Jerome, 

Founders, Current WayTM Wellness Movement 

Copyright (c) 2023 Current Way, All Rights Reserved. 



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