Hoop Earring Makers Class

  • February 10, 2024 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Fringe Salon

    4652 Scotts Valley Drive
    Scotts Valley, California 95066
Ticket Price $65.00 This event is now over

Hoop Earring Workshop: Craft, Create, Learn at Fringe Salon

Join us for an enchanting evening filled with creativity and fun at Fringe Salon's Hoop Earring Workshop led by the talented artisan, Breeta Toma. Whether you're a seasoned crafting enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the world of jewelry making, this workshop is designed to ignite your creativity and celebrate your unique style.

Breeta Toma, an accomplished artisan with a Jewelry Manufacturing Arts degree from GIA and a Bachelor’s of Art from San Jose State, brings her extensive expertise to guide you through this hands-on experience. You'll delve into the art of crafting hoop earrings using soft copper, exploring various textures and design possibilities. Breeta's passion for jewelry making ensures an engaging and enriching workshop for all skill levels.

Each participant will receive materials to create three distinctive hoop dangles, complemented by three sets of hypoallergenic niobium ear wires. Discover the joy of expressing yourself through jewelry design while embracing Breeta's guidance and expertise.

This event marks the start of Fringe Salon's crafting class series, continuing the salon's commitment to fostering a space where creativity thrives and individuality is celebrated. Limited spots are available for this exclusive workshop. Reserve your place now!

Event Details:

Date: February 10th, 2024

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: Fringe Salon, 4652 Scotts Valley Dr.

Ticket Price: $65 (Includes materials for three hoop dangles and three sets of hypoallergenic niobium ear wires)

Date & Time

Sat, Feb 10, 2024 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Venue Details

Fringe Salon

4652 Scotts Valley Drive
Scotts Valley, California 95066 Fringe Salon
Fringe Salon

Established by Heidi Vollers in 2008, Fringe Salon was created as a place where guests from every walk of life could find acceptance and happiness. When Carly Vollers took over in 2023, she continued this tradition, ensuring the salon remained a female centric space where guests feel free to express themselves. Carly is dedicated to preserving her mother's legacy, maintaining an environment where creativity is encouraged, and guests feel confident exploring their unique styles and individuality.