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Hotel Transylvania (PG) - Secluded from civilisation in the impenetrable Hotel Transylvania--a human-proof castle, and luxurious resort for all kinds of monsters in 21st-century Carpathia--the overprotective single father, Count Dracula, raises his only daughter, Mavis, away from the dangers of the human world. However--as restless Mavis is eager to spread her wings--the unexpected mortal visitor, Jonathan, stumbles upon the isolated monster-haven and crashes Mavis' grand 118th birthday celebration. Now, Jonathan rubs shoulders with the hotel's brutish and utterly oblivious guests, forcing the Prince of Darkness to go into panic mode. What happens if the monsters find out? Above all, what if Mavis meets Jonathan?

Venue Details
Skowhegan Drive In Theater
201 Waterville Road, Skowhegan, Maine, 04976, United States
The Skowhegan Drive-In Theatre has been a landmark in the local community since 1954.
While drive-in theatres were once a ubiquitous feature of roadside culture in North America, today, the Skowhegan Drive-In is one of only seven auto-theatres remaining in Maine.
From Memorial Day Weekend through mid-September, enjoy movies under the stars in the heart of Somerset County.
An evening at the Skowhegan Drive-In Theatre combines generations of nostalgia with best of contemporary Hollywood!