How to Build Trust & Expertise by Leading After Action Reviews (AARs)

  • Tue, Sep 28, 2021 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
  • Eastern Standard Time

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“The Army's After Action Review (AAR) is arguably one of the most successful organizational learning methods yet devised... Yet, most every corporate effort to graft this truly innovative practice into their culture has failed because, again and again, people reduce the living practice of AAR's to a sterile technique.”

~ Peter Senge, Author of “The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization”


After Action Reviews have proven effective for more than 40 years. They're used in a wide range of high-hazard industries including aviation, emergency fire & rescue, the military, and health care. And After Action Reviews can benefit project managers, engineers, coders, and other office workers just as much as they benefit front-line or field teams.


An After Action Review is the only technique I know of that can:

1) Share unwritten expertise (aka "art of the craft"), and

2) Build trust at the same time



Join us in this free 45-minute webinar to:

  • Discover why a brief, engaging, non-punitive four-question post-job discussion called an After Action Review (AAR) may be a game-changer for your team
  • Learn how to lead an After Action Review (AAR) for your team
  • Hear how one Senior Investigator used AARs to transform her organization's punitive investigations into learning-based "Event Reviews"



~ Agenda -- In this fast-paced workshop, you'll:

1. Learn the four (4) core questions to ask in your AARs. 

2. Discover three (3) common mistakes and six (6) field-tested best practices 

3. Actually practice a brief AAR in a breakout group.

~ Audience -- This webinar is ideal for innovative, front-line leaders in high-hazard industries including: electric utilities, scientific laboratories, and their contractors. 

~ Resources -- You'll get a one-page quick-reference handout so you can immerse yourself in the workshop without worrying about taking notes.

~ Technology -- We'll use Zoom. Run this quick system test.  

~ Recording -- You'll get 7 days access to a recording of the presentation (the first ~30 minutes), but not the interactive Q&A (the last ~25 minutes).

~ Use -- For personal use only. No recording or for-profit / commercial reuse without our explicit written permission. Thanks.



"Before this workshop, I thought that After Action Reviews were about identifying weaknesses. Now I'm realizing that AARs are about identifying strengths and building trust." 

~ Technical Team Leader in a Research Laboratory, January 2020


"Practical and knowledgeable are two words that come to mind when Dr. Jake Mazulewicz’s name comes up. He has a keen ability to dissect complex, academic concepts into objective ideas and tools usable by everyday common folk in the workplace... Above all I have been impressed with Jake’s innate talent to get to the core principle of any issue and to communicate it simply and directly."

~ Tony Muschara, CPT, author of Risk-Based Thinking: Managing the Uncertainty of Human Error in Operations


"[Jake] has a gift of explaining Human Performance Improvement (HPI) to all of our people. We have a diverse audience from engineers, environmentalists, finance, human resources, and field construction management and testing teams. Jake was able to teach HPI processes and techniques to all of them. We have seen great improvement where we have successfully incorporated Jake’s HPI strategies."

~ Shayne Wright, Vice President Power Delivery, Field Services Division Manager at POWER Engineers

Date & Time

Tue, Sep 28, 2021 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM


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