How to Tell Stories That Change Minds

  • Tue, Jun 8, 2021 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
  • Eastern Standard Time

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In 2010, I accepted a job as the Human Performance lead for a 3,600-person technical department within a large electric utility. My mission was to teach Human Performance to front-line switch operators, lineworkers, electrical engineers, designers, system operators, and their leaders. 


I didn't start from scratch. For about 3 years before I arrived, my predecessor had been teaching these people classic, lecture-based classes in Human Performance -- the same ones used in the nuclear industry at that time. 


It did not work well. 


As soon as I started teaching, I got hit with confusion, frustration and apathy from these front-line experts. They did not understand the complex Human Performance concepts they saw in classes. They didn't see any way to apply it to their everyday work. To them, the classes, and Human Performance in general, was basically useless.


Quickly, this problem turned into a deep crisis. If I kept teaching Human Performance the same way -- they way that the company leaders expected me to, I would continue to fail and likely condemn the entire program to irrelevance as yet another "flavor-of-the-month." I had a very short time, perhaps 3 months, in which to "do things differently." 


The two questions that I thought about every morning on my drive to work were:

  1. What can I do differently?
  2. Will it work?

I made some deep changes to how I was teaching Human Performance. And within a few years, I was getting comments like this...

"We’ve been able to reduce the technical workforces’ human error rate by more than 60% over a three-year period.... Thanks, Jake!”


In this free, 45-minute webinar, you'll learn one of the breakthroughs that helped me turn that Human Performance program around...

... Powerful real-world stories.



~ Agenda -- In this fast-paced webinar you'll:

  1. Hear one of the most popular stories I tell to front-line teams just starting their HP journey: "The Human Performance Tool That Helped the Allies Win WWII."
  2. Learn the simple, classic three-part story structure that you can use to make nearly any story you tell more effective
  3. Get 4 practical tips and resources for creating and telling stories that change minds in your organization

Expect about 30 minutes of presentation and about 15 minutes of Q&A.

~ Audience -- This webinar is ideal for innovative, front-line leaders in high-hazard, safety-focused industries like: scientific laboratories, electric utilities and their contractors, and emergency fire & rescue agencies. 

~ Limits -- To allow room for everyone, please coordinate with your colleagues so that no more than five (5) people from your company attend in total. Thanks.

~ Handout -- You'll get a one-page summary so you can immerse yourself in the workshop experience without having to worry about taking notes.

~ Technology -- We'll use Zoom. Here's a quick system test.

~ Cost -- None. It's free.

~ Use -- For personal use only. We'll record the ~30-minute presentation so you can watch it within seven days after the live webinar. For personal use only. No recording or for-profit or commercial reuse without our explicit written permission. Thanks.

~ Results -- See below...


“Before this workshop, I thought Human Performance Improvement was about reducing errors. 

...Now I’m realizing that HPI is about learning from errors to improve performance.”

~ Researcher at a Scientific Lab


"Jake has played an integral role in re-shaping culture and behaviors around safety and work planning and control... The use of fail-safes, adaptive thinking, and peer checks are becoming part of the way we do things." 

~ Work Planning & Control Manager at a Scientific Research Laboratory


"[Jake] has a gift of explaining Human Performance Improvement (HPI) to all of our people. We have a diverse audience from engineers, environmentalists, finance, human resources, and field construction management and testing teams. Jake was able to teach HPI processes and techniques to all of them. We have seen great improvement where we have successfully incorporated Jake’s HPI strategies."

~ Shayne Wright, Vice President Power Delivery, Field Services Division Manager at POWER Engineers


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Date & Time

Tue, Jun 8, 2021 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM


Many companies try to eliminate workplace errors, and fail. I show leaders why errors are just symptoms, and how to fix the deeper problem, so that everyone can work more reliably and safely.

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