ICDT!'s Damn Yankees

  • Del Valle Theatre

    1963 Tice Valley Boulevard
    Walnut Creek, California 94595
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Middle-aged baseball fanatic Joe Boyd trades his soul to the Devil, also known as Mr. Applegate, for a chance to lead his favorite team to victory in the pennant race against the New York Yankees. As young baseball sensation Joe Hardy, he transforms the hapless Washington Senators into a winning team, only to realize the true worth of the life that he's left behind. Joe ultimately outsmarts Applegate, returns to his former self and shepherds the Senators to the World Series.


I Can Do That! is a female founded non profit offering musical theatre classes, productions, summer camps, and workshops in Danville, CA for kids ages 4-18. We have created an environment where our students learn through curiosity, creativity, and hard work, a place for them to connect with their peers, and to know they are valued for exactly who they are. We hope to see you at the show!



Performs Friday, 5/12 at 7pm, Saturday 5/13 at 2pm, Friday 5/19 at 7pm and Saturday 5/20 at 7pm

  • Alkaio Thiele - Applegate (will NOT perform on 5/13 at 2pm, WILL perform on 5/14 at 2pm)
  • Jackson Evans - Joe Boyd
  • Sophie Brennan-Cooke - Meg Boyd
  • Matthew Maier - Joe Hardy
  • Joelle Moon - Lola
  • Mikaela Hartley - Gloria
  • Jerad Monasch - Coach VanBuren
  • Eli Cohen - Rocky
  • Andrew Clark - Smokey
  • Vince Armstrong - Sohovic
  • Maxton Gomez - Henry
  • Hazel Raaum - Vernon
  • Vivaan Rai - Mickey
  • Keira Negrete - Lineville
  • Kyla Cohen - Sister
  • Ashley Metzger - Doris (will NOT perform 5/13 at 2pm)
  • Tristan Santos - Darlene
  • Matthew Randolph - Welch
  • Luna Randolph - Lynch
  • Kenzie Santos - Commissioner
  • Lilah Haynes- Miss Weston
  • Cast A Ensemble: Bella Arechaederra, Lauren Beck, Hannah Binder, Noah Campbell, Bevin Clary, Kate Conner, Avery Davis, Ariella DeStefano, Aviva Feder, Talia Feder, Sean Gin, Allie Girzadas, Camden Greathouse, Baker Hanshaw, Amanda Hebert, Samriddhi Joshi, Ishika Kulkarni, Saturn Lillie, Kayla Ly, Chloe McCarrick, Ollie Mironova, Olivia Murphy, Lili Pereira, Brooke Sanders, Harper Shepherd, Natalie Shepherd, Ava Tom, Peyton Valdivia


Performs Saturday 5/13 at 7pm, Sunday 5/14 at 2pm, Saturday 5/20 at 2pm and Sunday 5/21 at 2pm

  • Sean Gin - Applegate (WILL perform on 5/13 at 2pm, will NOT perform on 5/14 at 2pm)
  • Baker Hanshaw - Joe Boyd
  • Bella Arechaederra - Meg Boyd
  • Camden Greathouse - Joe Hardy
  • Allie Girzadas - Lola
  • Lauren Beck - Gloria
  • Noah Campbell  - Coach VanBuren
  • Talia Feder - Rocky
  • Chloe McCarrick - Smokey
  • Amanda Hebert - Sohovic
  • Hannah Binder - Henry
  • Ava Tom - Vernon
  • Natalie Shepherd - Mickey
  • Brooke Sanders - Lineville
  • Kayla Ly - Sister
  • Bevin Clary - Doris (will also perform 5/13 at 2pm)
  • Aviva Feder - Darlene
  • Ollie Mironova - Welch
  • Saturn Lillie - Lynch
  • Samriddhi Joshi - Commissioner
  • Harper Shepherd - Miss Weston
  • Cast B Ensemble: Vince Armstrong, Sophie Brennan-Cooke, Andrew Clark, Eli Cohen, Kyla Cohen, Kate Conner, Avery Davis, Ariella DeStefano, Jackson Evans, Maxton Gomez, Mikaela Hartley, Lilah Haynes, Ishika Kulkarni, Matthew Maier, Ashley Metzger, Jerad Monasch, Joelle Moon, Olivia Murphy, Keira Negrete, Lili Pereira, Hazel Raaum, Vivaan Rai, Luna Randolph, Matthew Randolph, Kenzie Santos, Tristan Santos, Alkaio Thiele, Peyton Valdivia
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Del Valle Theatre

1963 Tice Valley Boulevard
Walnut Creek, California 94595 Del Valle Theatre
I Can Do That!