Inner Perfumery

  • Sun, Jun 25, 2023 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Sierra Mind Body Center

    154 Hughes Road Suites 9/10
    Grass Valley, California 95945
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This will be an exploration of intuitive intelligence, creating atmospheres, and the three main centers of the human biological vessel - the mind, the moving instinctive, and the heart. When these three are aligned, in communication, intuitive intelligence comes naturally.  We will explore some ideas about this special alignment, relating it to the alchemy of formulating a personal perfume - with top, base, and heart notes, using pure essential oils and isolates. You will learn about building a perfume using pure essential oils, accords, and isolates, meanwhile opening yourself up to the experience of intuitive intelligence. 

*Pre-registration is required in order to get the materials which will include such wonderful pure essential oils as Sandalwood and Lavender Absolute. 

Grace Rivera has been a perfumer for about three decades. She has been a serious student of multiple artistic disciplines, and has worked with a genuine master who taught her many things, among them, to view different art forms as perceptual tools for the expansion of consciousness. Her business, Egyptian Grace provides effective natural and organic skin care products, perfumes, and remedies. Her offerings are carefully formulated to create personal atmospheres conducive to healing and balance. She does consultations, custom perfumes and remedies, as well as educational events.  She is presently in the process of expanding her medicinal line and consultative offerings. Her website, gives a glimpse of her work, this will soon be expanded into a more comprehensive site called Grace Botanica. Locally you can find her products at the Briar Patch, Natural Selections, Mama Madrone's, and Gaia Soap Supply - and the list grows. 

Date & Time

Sun, Jun 25, 2023 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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Sierra Mind Body Center

154 Hughes Road Suites 9/10
Grass Valley, California 95945 Sierra Mind Body Center
Egyptian Grace

Grace Rivera, owner of Egyptian Grace has been a perfumer for over 30 years. Her natural skin, body care, and remedies are made with top notch natural ingredients and sold in severallocal shops. Her perspective reflects ancient knowledge on the creation of intentional atmospheres for settin   optimal conditions conducive to healing and integrative alignment of the centers of the mind, heart, and moving instinctive aspects of the human biological vessel.