Into The Deep: A Guided Imaginative Meditation w/ Voice + Sound

  • April 13, 2024 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Unique Vibes Botanica

    3707 Virginia Beach Boulevard
    Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
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       Did you know - whales have tremendous healing abilities? Whales can pick up on calls from thousands of miles away, and their voices carry just as far. There is a special relationship between humans & whales - humans spontaneously begin experiencing tears of joy when hearing whale calls. The reason for this is unknown. When whales call, they are bathing 70% of the Earth in high frequency vibrations, known to heal and benefit all biological lifeforms. These creatures play a very specific role in the Earth's consciousness. 

        Join us at Unique Vibes Botanica to go deeeeep into meditation. Yuli will guide you safely through the deepest reaches of the ocean and of your inner world where we will call to the whales & invite them to swim with us and to offer us their medicine, their wisdom , and their healing. Yuli will incorporate her ancestral inner knowing of the Shamanic medicine wheel as you embark on your sacred journey. She utilizes her voice as well various instruments such as crystal singing bowls tuned to 432Hz (the natural frequency of our Mother Earth), chimes, drums, tongue drum, Himalayan Singing Bowls, and various other sounds to spark your imagination and guide you through a wonderous experience diving deep with the creatures of the deep blue sea.

      To enhance your experience, you may wish to bring the following items:

  • A Yoga Mat will be provided for you, but you may wish to add an additional Floor Mat / Cushion
  • Blanket for weight or warmth
  • Pillow or bolster for your head/Under your knees
  • Something to lay across your eyes (this sends a signal to your brain to allow you to go deep within)
  • Bottle of water to ground yourself after the experience - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • Journal & Pen to write down any breakthroughs, visions, emotions, etc brought to you from your journey
Date & Time

Sat, Apr 13, 2024 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Venue Details

Unique Vibes Botanica

3707 Virginia Beach Boulevard
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452 Unique Vibes Botanica
Yuli Arts

Hi! I'm Yuli!

I am a visual storyteller, certified Art Therapy Life Coach + Vibrational Sound Healer who weaves healing energetic frequencies through the creation of intuitively inspired Art + Sound – 2 of the oldest healing modalities of all time. 

I invite you to take a journey thru the senses of hearing + sight to See the Story Unheard – a journey to the deep inner world of wonderful & magnificent YOU – into your inner world; the world of imagery & emotions… visions & feelings. This is the place where deep healing happens – the home of your Heart + Soul – so with that I say, “Welcome Home!”

I have a very unique "flavor" to my healing methods. I incorporate the ancient wisdom of shamanic practices with the power of sound therapy and my intuitively created artwork. My passion lies in uniting my two loves, my energetically infused Art & sound healing which opens the space to provide a more immersive & personal experience for the public. The energies of the artwork and those of the sound frequencies merge together and interact with the participants. While the sound work offers an audio and resonant healing effect, the Artwork provides a visual experience before and after the sound journey. The positive meditative experience as well as the infused energies of the artwork are anchored & integrated into the participants for a longer lasting healing experience. Each time, the participant views the artwork, they will be transported to that meditative and peaceful state reached during the event. 

I currently reside in the Virginia Beach, VA area and offer my services through events at metaphysical shops, healing/wellness centers, spiritual centers, art galleries & in homes/businesses throughout the Virginia, Georgia & Ohio areas & everywhere in-between. My artwork has been exhibited locally, regionally, nationally & internationally & has been published in several web-based & print publications. Currently, I am represented by the exquisite Gallerie Ukwensi of Ghent at 424 W21st St., Norfolk, VA. 


To keep up with me & my adventures & soul lessons, follow me on FB @YuliArts333 & on Instagram @_Yuli_Arts. I also offer wisdom share, sacred sound snippets, and sacred art shares on my YouTube channel @YuliArtsTime.

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