If you've always wanted the glamour, allure and drama of wearing false eyelashes, but always been afraid you'd accidentally glue your eye shut - then this class is for you.  Betty Blaize, a legendary klutz and long time Burlesque performer will be sharing her 20+ years experience in putting on eyelashes.  We'll cover:

  • Things to know when shopping for lashes & supplies
  • The process along with tips and tricks for applying glue on strip lashes safely and as comfortably as possible.
  • How to work makeup with your eyelashes
  • A quick look at magnetic lashes
  • Removal
  • Cleaning & healthy practices
  • Q&A.

Betty will be demoing throughout and always happy to answer questions.  If you wish to play along at home, you are more than welcome, or welcome to chill out and enjoy the show.   Since we're demo-ing two techniques, there will be time for only 1 eye in each technique.  Recommended materials:

Technique 1: strip lashes and glue technique:  

  • cost efficient:  Ardell starter lash kit - comes with glue, applicator, lashes - less than $8 at CVS
  • slightly better materials: Any full or demi-lash as you choose (examples:  123) + Duo Eyelash glue (clear dry)

Technique 2: magnetic lash - these tend to run $15-20.

Useful tools:

  • 2-5 Q-tips
  • Tweezers and/or eyelash applicator (very optional)
  • Tissues
  • Rounded pencil, pen, eyeshadow/brush brush - anything round and between 1/4-1/2" diameter
  • Hands free mirror - must have - can be just your bathroom mirror.
  • Glass of wine, tea or other relaxing beverage

No tools necessary if you're just enjoying the show! Get either option or both if you want to play along.