Joshua Hyslop Live

  • Fri., Jan. 12, 2024 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
  • Parkdale United Church

    2919 8 Avenue Northwest
    Calgary, Alberta T2N 1C8
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Joshua Hyslop & Band Live at Parkdale



Victoria-based singer and songwriter Joshua Hyslop takes the bittersweet bliss of nostalgia and turns it into the pensive, poetic, and powerful reflections of his sixth full-length LP, Evergold

[Nettwerk Music Group].

“‘Evergold’ describes being nostalgic or homesick for something you feel like you’ve experienced but has not yet come into existence,” he notes. “You kind of get a taste of it in your past, but you can’t get there yet—even though it’s under the surface. In Portuguese, it’s called ‘Saudade’. In Welsh, it’s known as ‘Hiraeth’. We didn’t have a word for it in English, but I wanted to come up with one. When something is ‘Evergreen,’ it’s not always new—but it’s still fresh. There are references to ‘Golden’ days on the album, which is a classic nostalgic idea. So, I combined ‘Evergreen’ and ‘Golden’ as ‘Evergold’.”

Since 2011, Joshua has acutely tuned into emotion with the care of a craftsman and a delicate eye for detail. Thus far, he has generated nearly half-a-billion streams across albums such as: Where The Mountain Meets the Valley [2012], In Deepest Blue [2015], Echos [2018], Ash & Stone [2020], and Westward [2022]. In between, he logged thousands of miles on the road and incited the applause of

American Songwriter, Earmilk, Exclaim!, and NPR, to name a few. During the fall of 2022, he collaborated with longtime producer John Raham in Vancouver’s Afterlife Studios, bringing Evergold to life. Instrumentally, it mirrored the title’s meaning as they balanced “classic instruments like mellotron with synths to get this feeling of old and new.” He embraced electric guitar too. He smiles, “I’m trying to branch out and keep the spark.” “It’s a huge departure as I’ve never written on a synth,” he states. “It’s an open-ended question, but in a good way. It goes back to the idea of how freeing it is to not know everything. What’s the next chapter? I ask the question in terms of my music career, my relationship, and my life as a dad. We made it through the last couple years, and I feel stronger for it. I’m excited I don’t know what’s coming.”

Date & Time

Fri., Jan. 12, 2024 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Venue Details

Parkdale United Church

2919 8 Avenue Northwest
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1C8 Parkdale United Church
Parkdale United Concerts

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