• August 7 - 8, 2023
  • Valliant High School Auditorium

    601 E. Lucas
    Valliant, Oklahoma 74764
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In a world that is constantly changing it is important to know your "Why". We believe that as educators we must stick together. This will be a day of collaboration, learning, and networking. We will offer both breakfast and lunch options to you and your staff. We will also have approximately 40 breakout sessions to choose from to ensure that you and your staff not only enjoy your day, but also fulfill professional development requirements.. Breakfast and lunch are additional charges.

When registering you will be able to choose lunch options from CJ's Cafe, Chick-Fil-A, Mi Ranchito, Spencer Creek Bakery for an additional fee.  Meals will be delivered onsite.



Dr. WilliamsCan one person make a difference?I believe that every child will be successful as long as the adults in their lives don't let them down. I also believe that every human can achieve their utmost when they are looking out for the best interest of others instead of themselves. Children today need our very best if we are going to make a difference and empathy is a key human characteristic of all great teachers. Maya Angelou said it best - "People may not always remember what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel." This session will focus on putting the needs of others ahead of our own.
Dr. StoutLeadership 
Sarah SlatonMaximizing your supports: speech and occupational therapy in the clinic settingThis session will inform our educators of the benefits of outpatient therapy to meet help children meet age appropriate norms and improve life skills that affect their functioning in and out of their academic setting.
Kerrie Beene and Amy IrvineWrangle your Retirement Taking Charge of your Future with an Educational Class on the Oklahoma Teacher Retirement System and Investment Funds.
K20 College and Career Going Culture (CCGC)This professional development session focuses on insights and strategies for creating a college- and career-going culture in schools. Participants will be asked to analyze the significance of a college- and career-going culture (CCGC), assess the CCGC at their school, and identify some strategies that could be easily implemented to foster a culture of postsecondary awareness.
StakeholdersEducational Stakeholders MeetingHave you ever wondered what our clients thought about our product? Come sit in on a product review with stakeholders from our county. Listen to their wants and needs and express a few of ours. 
World Languages with Cathleen SkinnerPlanning for Secondary Language AcquisitionWhere do you begin when planning for your world language class? This session will share strategies and considerations that support your planning with a focus on language acquisition.
Fine Arts with Elizabeth Maughan2023 Fine Arts StandardsThe fine arts standards are newly revised and now include standards for dance, drama/theatre, media arts, music, and visual arts! Come learn about the changes and the Oklahoma Fine Arts Curriculum Framework.
Secondary Mathematics with Brigit MindenOklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics - UpdatesJoin the OSDE to explore the revised 2022 Math Standards that will be implemented in the upcoming 2023/24 school year. This session includes comparing the standard revisions and diving into the updated Framework Objective Analysis and Mathematical Actions & Processes.
Secondary Science with Heather JohnstonOSDE Science UpdatesLearn about the newest OSDE resources, upcoming professional learning opportunities, and future projects.
Gifted/Talented and Advanced Placement with Leah MurphyIdentification and Programming Practices in Gifted and Talented EducationWhat are the requirements for identification and programming for gifted students in Oklahoma? What are common characteristics of gifted students and how can we ensure our gifted students are being served? In this session, we will take a look at Oklahoma legislation and administrative rules surrounding gifted and talented and discuss multiple ways to address gifted students' needs
Elementary ELA with Sharon MorganFocusing on Comprehension in Elementary ReadingComprehending what you read is a complicated process. Learn the most effective strategies and how they align with the Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts to make the most of instructional time. Participants will receive a lesson planning template to aid in planning lessons.
Nancy RodriguezStrategies to Support Student LearningAre you looking for ways to engage students and support their ability to remember what they have learned? Join us as we discuss a little bit about the science of memory and learning. We will review and practice some strategies to support what we learn.
Steven AragonFrom Inner Critic to Inner Coach: Taming the “Chatter” Inside Our HeadsWe all have a voice in our head. This voice helps shape our lives, work, and relationships. When we talk to ourselves, we hope to tap into our inner coach but often find our inner critic instead. “Chatter” is the negative side of self-talk and can tank our health, sink our moods, strain our social connections, and cause us to fold under pressure. The good news is we already have the tools needed to make our inner voice work in our favor. This presentation will highlight what these are and how to use them to harness our chatter.
Jaycie SmithOKTLE for Admin: The Importance of Providing Critical Feedback to EducatorsThe conversations following observations and evaluations are crucial to school improvement, yet they can sometimes be uncomfortable. Join the discussion on how evaluators can effectively use communication strategies to fuel change within their sites.
Melody AufillAg in the Classroom 101—Have you heard of Ag in the Classroom? What is it all about? Maybe you said—I used to use Ag in the Classroom, but I haven’t in a long time. Come discover all the resources and opportunities Ag in the Classroom offers teachers and students. Learn about the program for the first time, or just come discover what is new for 2023!
Cayla MitchellNeedle Stick Training for Diabetic TreatmentThis session will satisfy the needle stick training portion of the diabetic training required to work with diabetic students. 
Kenny Dial and Cindy GibbsSuicide PreventionThis session will cover strategies and tools that can be beneficial in suicide prevention. 
Brandi KrohnHealthy Kids, Healthy CommunitiesHelping educators show youth healthy options with activities, exercises, and foods and an overview of the school based prevention services that is offered!
K20 Writing StrategiesIn this professional learning session, participants will engage in collaborative writing activities, discover how writing can increase student engagement, and leave with strategies and resources that can be implemented immediately in their classrooms.
World Languages with Cathleen SkinnerHigh Leverage Teaching Practices for Second Language AcquisitionThis session will highlight evidence-based practices that lead to students’ language acquisition.
Fine Arts with Elizabeth MaughanOSDE Fine Arts UpdatesThis session will focus on the latest arts education information from the SDE including professional development, grant opportunities, conferences, and future projects.
Secondary Mathematics with Brigit MindenSuccess with GPSLooking for a guide to get students up to speed? Help them find success with GPS: Gather evidence, Provide opportunity, and Support grade-level growth. Join this session to explore research-based tools and resources to help guide your students through their learning, get them back on course, and arrive at their learning goals with success.
Secondary Science with Heather JohnstonScientific Storytelling: Writing in ScienceMany STEM careers require strong writing skills to effectively communicate technical information to a range of audiences. In this session, educators will explore the key components of writing evidence-based scientific explanations and engineering solutions, and learn how the use of different writing styles can help students with communicating complex science ideas in a more compelling and accessible way.
Gifted/Talented and Advanced Placement with Leah MurphyNext Steps for Advanced Placement in OklahomaNew laws for Advanced Placement are just around the corner in our state. In this session, we will look at the new requirements, and talk about how districts can ensure these requirements are met, as well as provide some strategies for AP implementation.
Elementary ELA with Sharon MorganReading and Writing - Bringing It All TogetherLearn the theory behind learning to read and write and how to apply this knowledge to the writing process. Participants will get access to a variety of resources that align with the Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts to support students in using the writing process in the classroom.
Nancy RodriguezExploring Digital Teaching and Learning through the ISTE StandardsThis session provides an opportunity to explore digital teaching and learning through the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards. The standards guide educators to think about new approaches in helping students drive their own learning. Join us as we delve into the ISTE Standards for Educators and Students. Participants will learn about resources to support technology integration. And lastly, we will brainstorm and share activities aligned to the standards and/or indicators.
Jaycie SmithTeacher and Leader Effectiveness for EvaluatorsUtilize the TLE evaluation system to provide support to novice as well as veteran educators. This discussion will include TLE information on observations, evaluations, and the Professional Learning Focus.



Date & Time

Aug 7, 2023 8:00 AM - Aug 8, 2023 2:30 PM

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Valliant High School Auditorium

601 E. Lucas
Valliant, Oklahoma 74764 Valliant High School Auditorium