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  • First Congregational Church of Los Angeles (Shatto)

    540 South Commonwealth Avenue
    Los Angeles, California 90020
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Your Season Subscription with Musica Angelica will include the following concerts:


Giro d’Italia: A Tour of Italy - Sunday, September 22 at 3:00 PM (Shatto)

Music from Naples (Giovanni Battista Pergolesi), Rome (Arcangelo Corelli & Nicola Porpora), Venice (Antonio Vivaldi & Benedetto Marcello), and Milan (Giovanni Battista Sammartini) paints a vivid picture of baroque Italy, the apotheosis of the concerto form, and the birth of the symphony. 


Christmas in Vienna - Sunday, December 15 at 3:00 PM (Sanctuary)

Vienna has hosted December Markets since 1296, so they were likely enjoyed by Joseph and Michael Haydn as well as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. For a holiday surprise, festive works by these composers will be joined by the 1921 Christmas Music of Vienna native (and Los Angeles resident from 1934 on) Arnold Schoenberg, in celebration of the sesquicentennial of his birth.


The Garden of Forking Paths - Sunday, March 9 at 3:00 PM (Shatto)

Taking inspiration from the 1941 story by Jorge Luis Borges said to foreshadow the quantum mechanics theory of a multiverse, virtuosic instrumental compositions of Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Henry Purcell, and Johann Heinrich Schmelzer form a labyrinth of musical routes where figuration and linearity are manipulated into fresh sonic narratives.


St. Matthew Passion - Sunday, April 13 at 3:00 PM (Sanctuary)

Ever the colossal achievement in devotional text-painting and prolonged emotional intensity, Johann Sebastian Bach's depiction of Christ's Passion story continues to reward listener and performer alike; while Musica Angelica has made an annual tradition of interpreting this masterpiece in Los Angeles, we are excited to offer (for the first time in recent memory) an additional production in Long Beach!


Concerts will be at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.


All of our Season Subscriptions include ticketing fees for SimpleTix and Square.


All programming is subject to change.

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First Congregational Church of Los Angeles (Shatto)

540 South Commonwealth Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90020 First Congregational Church of Los Angeles (Shatto)
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