Learn To Read Tarot Workshop

  • May 23 - August 8, 2024
  • Earth, Body, & Soul

    333 North Midkiff Road
    Midland, Texas 79701
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🔮✨ Unlock the Secrets of Tarot: A Journey to Your Intuition ✨🌌

Are you tired of the struggle to memorize Tarot cards, only to find yourself still grappling with their deeper meanings? Is deciphering your intuition or connecting with your spirit guides proving to be a challenge? Look no further – our Tarot Workshop is here to guide you through the enchanting realms of Tarot, ensuring a profound connection with the cards, your intuition, and your spirit guides.

🌟 What to Expect:

Join us for an immersive 8-part workshop where we unravel the mystery of Tarot as a story, exploring the symbolism, and connecting with the Fool's journey in relation to your own path. From breaking down the suits to understanding the major arcana, you'll gain the tools to decipher the messages the cards hold for you.

🔍 Workshop Highlights:

Connecting with Your Intuition: Learn to decipher and trust your intuition, bridging the gap between the cards and your inner wisdom.

Spirit Guide Connection: Overcome the struggle of connecting with your spirit guides and create a sacred space for powerful and meaningful card readings.

Interactive Learning: Practice with fellow members, receive free tickets to our Tea & Tarot social event, and strengthen your skills in a supportive community.

📚 Course Inclusions:

Throughout the workshop, expect personalized journal prompts, insightful homework spreads, and more to deepen your connection with Tarot. Plus, enjoy the accountability and guidance needed to flourish on your Tarot journey.

🌈 Class Options:

Enjoy this in-person classes and opt to pay upfront or a flexible pay-as-you-go plan using "Afterpay" through our website

🎓 Certification Offered:

Upon completion, receive a certificate to mark your journey into Tarot mastery.

📅 Class Dates:

Introduction class: May 23rd

The Fools journey through the Major Arcana- Part 1 - June 6th

The Fools Journey Continues. Major Arcana Part 2 - June 13th

The Suite of Cups- June 20th

The Suite of Wands - July 11th

The Suite of Swards - July 18th

The Suite of Pentacles - August  1st

Tarot Spreads to Enrich your journey & Graduation August 8th

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Date & Time

May 23 - Aug 8, 2024

Venue Details

Earth, Body, & Soul

333 North Midkiff Road
Midland, Texas 79701 Earth, Body, & Soul
Earth, Body, & Soul

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