Legally Blonde

  • Del Valle Theatre

    1963 Tice Valley Boulevard
    Walnut Creek, California 94595
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Legally Blonde is the well-known story of sorority president Elle Woods, as she crosses the country on a mission to find love at Harvard Law School. After discovering that she can use law for the greater good, she uses her new found skills to defy the odds and prove that pink really can save the day!

I Can Do That! is a female founded non profit offering musical theatre classes, productions, summer camps, and workshops in Danville, CA for kids ages 4-18. We have created an environment where our students learn through curiosity, creativity, and hard work, a place for them to connect with their peers, and to know they are valued for exactly who they are. We hope to see you at the show!

DISCLAIMER: The script and score of Legally Blonde contain adult themes, mature content and language that may be considered inappropriate for certain audiences.


Performs Friday, 1/26 at 7pm, Saturday 1/27 at 2pm, Friday 2/2 at 7pm and Saturday 2/3 at 7pm

  • Bevin Clary - Elle Woods
  • Addie Au - Margot
  • Harper Shepherd - Serena
  • Malia Batongbacal - Pilar
  • Luna Randolph - Kate 
  • Matthew Maier - Emmett
  • Dani Rydman - Paulette
  • Eli Cohen - Prof. Callahan
  • Vince Armstrong - Warner
  • Isabella Yee - Vivienne
  • Kenzie Santos - Brooke Wyndam
  • Paige Thorgrimsson - Enid Hoops
  • Baker Hanshaw - Dewey / Nikos / Lowell
  • Noah Campbell - Kyle / Pforzheimer


Performs Saturday 1/27 at 7pm, Sunday 1/28 at 2pm, Saturday 2/3 at 2pm and Sunday 2/4 at 2pm

  • Kate Conner - Elle Woods
  • Joelle Moon - Margot
  • Natalie Shepherd - Serena
  • Lauren Beck - Pilar
  • Liza Corr - Kate
  • Camden Greathouse - Emmett
  • Bella Arechaederra - Paulette
  • Eli Cohen - Prof. Callahan
  • Robert Earthman - Warner
  • Rebecca Mestel - Vivienne
  • Mikaela Hartley - Brooke Wyndam
  • Scarlet Shinkle - Enid Hoops
  • Noah Campbell - Dewey / Nikos / Pforzheimer
  • Baker Hanshaw - Kyle / Lowell

*If the cast member you are hoping to see is not listed in either cast above, it means that their role is single cast, and they will perform the same role at all performances!

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Del Valle Theatre

1963 Tice Valley Boulevard
Walnut Creek, California 94595 Del Valle Theatre
I Can Do That!