💻 Let's Start Coding 💃🏻 [Adults Edition]

  • Feb 23 - Mar 19, 2022
  • Eastern Standard Time

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So excited to be the first to help you Code 🤓

My purpose is to introduce you to Computer Science (Coding)!


By the end of this Workshop you will:

Define Computer Science.

  • Lose the Fear to Code
  • Gain the confidence you need to continue Coding!
  • Obtain a List of STEM resources
  • Start your 1st lines of Coding before the Workshop ends


                           GOOD TO KNOW ⬇️


SKILL LEVEL: Beginner [No experience necessary]

AGES: Adults

TOOLS: Computer, Wi-Fi


SETTING:  Small Group


                                See you soon 💃🏻

Date & Time

Feb 23 - Mar 19, 2022

Ms.Robotics LLC

Ms.Robotics has almost 10 years of Teaching,

5 Years creating STEM Programs in Urban Neighborhoods.

  • Her true passion was born from the reality that less than 10% of People of Color are in STEM Careers.
  • Her drive is the knowledge that Children of Color deserve a fair opportunity .
  • Her purpose is to continue building elite Ms.Robotics STEM Programs accessible to every child despite, the Socioeconomic Status.