Lettering: Layout and design skills for "Velkommen" with Marilee Mortenson.

  • August 24 - 25, 2024
  • Central Standard Time

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Class description: This class will cover skills for designing your own “Velkommen" sign.  It will be presented in a lecture and demonstration format, guiding students to apply their learning to draft and paint their own “Velkommen” sign on a wooden sign board of their choice.  Instruction will include:  alphabet sources; brush lettering principles, focusing on the shapes and spacing of letters in the word “Velkommen”; sources and tips for the rosemaling elements; how to balance the lettering with the rosemaling; preparing and fitting a mock-up; color selection; lettering embellishment; layout of the letters in alternative shapes (angled, curved, vertical); and other fun ways to play with the letters.


This class has 2 sessions.  Class will run consecutively for 2 days, Saturday August 24 and Sunday August 25,  2024.  1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. central time


Note: in the class students will draft their own designs, at their own comfort level, for both the lettering and the rosemaling.  Students are encouraged to use the wooden piece of their choice.  Students will paint the final design after the class.


Class level:  Intermediate and above.


Medium being used :  The class will focus on design, using paper, pencil, and eraser.  Since painting will be after the class, students may use the painting medium of their choice.


Surface:  Students will need paper for mock-up/design work, and a wood piece for the final project.  The wood can be any shape which is the fun part!  It does not need to be basecoated before the class, though students should think about the background color they will want.


Supplies:  Supply list is linked here.

Note about supplies: The class fee does not include the cost of supplies. This is the responsibility of the student. Marilee will provide a handout summarizing key points and resources covered in class.  It will be sent by email to registered students.


Instructor: Marilee Mortenson


Instructor biography:  Marilee has been rosemaling since 2010, and she has studied calligraphy off and on since the 1980s.  She is passionate about the beauty of lettering with pen and brush, and she continues to learn through membership in calligraphy guilds.  In 2022 she began to share about lettering with other rosemalers, in hopes that many will add more lettering to their projects.


Location:  This is an online class hosted on Zoom.  All technical requirements needed to join the class are the responsibility of the student. RCC virtual classes will be recorded. All classes are listed in the Central time zone.


Class policies:  For RCC terms, please visit the Terms and Conditions page of the RCC website https://www.rosemalingcoasttocoast.org/terms-and-conditions.  Non-members will be charged an additional $30 that can be applied to an RCC membership, should the student opt for membership.  Order confirmations will be sent through SimpleTix.


For more RCC classes and rosemaling opportunities visit: https://www.rosemalingcoasttocoast.org/classes

Date & Time

Aug 24 - 25, 2024

Rosemaling Coast to Coast

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