Love Magick 101: A Sensory Journey to Self-Love & Connection

  • February 8, 2024 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Earth, Body, & Soul

    333 North Midkiff Road
    Midland, Texas 79701
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🌹✨ Love Magick 101: A Sensory Journey to Self-Love and Connection ✨🔮

Join us for a captivating in-person experience in Love Magick 101, where the transformative power of oils, herbs, crystals, and ritual intertwine to create a tapestry of self-love, attraction, and relationship healing. 🌿💖

🌟 Class Highlights:

Crafting Magickal Elixirs: Learn to blend oils, herbs, and crystals to create potent potions for self-love, attracting new love, and enhancing existing relationships.

Rituals for Manifestation: Explore the art of love magick through hands-on rituals, designed to align your energies with the universal forces of love.

Healing from Within: Discover how love magick can be a gentle balm for healing from past relationships, offering supportive practices to nurture emotional well-being.

Manifesting Love: Unlock the secrets to manifesting love in your life, whether you're seeking self-love or aiming to deepen connections with others.

💎 Materials Needed:

Bring a notebook, an open heart, and the excitement to delve into the magickal realm of love. Feel free to grab a friend to share in this enchanting experience.

💑 Date and Venue:

Join us on February 8th for a magical journey at Earth, Body, & Soul. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of love and mystique as we explore the profound art of love magick together.


🌙 Who Should Attend:

Those seeking to enhance self-love and manifest deeper connections.

Individuals desiring to infuse their relationships with passion and love.

Anyone looking for a holistic approach to healing from past relationships.

✨ Enroll Today: Seize the opportunity to manifest love in your life through the art of magick. Reserve your spot in Love Magick 101, where spells, potions, and rituals await to elevate your journey towards love and connection. 🔥🌹 #LoveMagick101 #ManifestLove #InPersonExperience 🕯️💖

Date & Time

Thu, Feb 8, 2024 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Venue Details

Earth, Body, & Soul

333 North Midkiff Road
Midland, Texas 79701 Earth, Body, & Soul
Earth, Body, & Soul

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