Made in Arkansas Film Festival Presents, WTF?!?: A Night of Horror, Thrillers, and Experimental Films

  • February 8, 2024 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
  • CALS Ron Robinson Theater

    100 River Market Avenue
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
Ticket Price $5.00 This event is now over

Join the Made in Arkansas Film Festival for a monthly night of screenings in the CALS Ron Robinson Theater. This month, we're thrilled to present an evening of horror, thrillers, and experimental films! 

Doors will open at 6:00pm and films start promptly at 7:00pm. Beer, wine, and concessions will be available until 8:30pm.

2019 - Deer in Headlights - 10:00 - Horror

“A hitchhiking serial killer hitches a ride with a preacher.”

Directed by Austin McEuen

2022 - Flight - 10:04 - Thriller

“A boy struggling to come to terms with his parent's marital problems must face his worst nightmare and make a choice he never wanted to make.”

Directed by Tyler Horne

2020 - Lost To All - 8:45 - Thriller

“A story told from the perspective of a now mute girl who killed her little sister.”

Directed by Maddie Ragan

2021 - One of these days - 13:57 - Thriller

“A lone man searches for his true love and a place to call home in the midst of a mysterious attack.”

Directed by Clayton Henderson

2021 - Musing The Sisterplace - 6:30 - Experimental

“An exploration of movement and femininity with an original spoken-word poem by the filmmaker.”

Directed by Soph Barnes

2019 - My Better Nature - 4:06 - Horror/Experimental

“A girl on the hunt to quench her thirst for life.”

Directed by Al Topich & Michael Carpenter

2022 - ECLIPSE - Horror

“ECLIPSE is a psychological horror film that explores fear, fate, and the end of the universe.”

Directed by Andrew Bowcock

2023 - Sig - 3:35 - Experimental/Horror

“Set within the world of "Kronos", "Sig: A Kronos Story" delves into the mind of a serial killer as he takes his latest victim.”

Directed by Donavon Thompson

Winner 2023 Best Microshort

10-minute intermission

2021 - Hinnom - 9:35 - Horror

“A man ventures deep into the woods to face a terrible monster.”

Directed by Matthew Rice

2020 - The Horse Doesn’t Work - 6:39 - Experimental

“You Can’t Chain a Wild Horse. The Horse Doesn’t Work. The Horse is Dead.”

Directed by Emil Woerner

Nominated for 2020 Best Arkansas Short Film

2020 - Dead Winter - 15:25 - Horror

“Audrey, a young woman living in the post-apocalyptic American South, spends every day of her life fighting for the remnants of her family. However, her grandmother wants nothing more than for Audrey to move on and try to have a better life. But, Audrey can't and won't imagine any other life for herself. She is focused solely on caring for the only people she has left in the world, which means hunting for food, hauling water, chopping wood -- and making difficult decisions. In the end, Audrey is left with only one option to truly care for her family, and she has to take it.”

Directed by Jason Winn 

Nominated for 2020 Best Regional Film

2022 - To My Love, A Nightmare - 3:49 - Experimental

“A young poet is confronted by his girlfriend as he writes a dreamy poem about his ex-lover.”

Directed by Maddie Ragan

2020 - Theoria - 20:49 - Sc-Fi

Directed by Mathew Thomas Ross

2019 - Sonhood - 11:26 - Experimental

“From school bullies to first loves to the unifying game of baseball, Tommy learns that having a dad maybe isn’t so bad.”

Directed by Eric White & Terrell Case

Winner 2019 Audience Co-Favorite

2023 - The Wolf - 4:29 - Horror

“A woman must face the ghost of her lost love while being hunted by something much darker.”

Directed by Timothy Barnett

Nominated for 2023 Best Microshort

10-minute intermission

Q&A with filmmakers

Date & Time

Thu, Feb 8, 2024 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Venue Details

CALS Ron Robinson Theater

100 River Market Avenue
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 CALS Ron Robinson Theater
Ron Robinson Theater

The Ron Robinson Theater, located at 100 Rivermarket Ave., Little Rock AR 72201, is a 315-seat multi-purpose event venue. Part of the Central Arkansas Library System’s (CALS) Main Library campus, it is designed to provide programs for all ages including films, music performances, plays, readings, lectures, speakers, and children’s activities. The theater is equipped with a state-of-the-art DCI-compliant Barco digital cinema projection system and 32′ wide retractable screen; and, a versatile sound system capable of Dolby 5.1 surround audio for movies, with a CL3 digital mixing console with ample inputs for traditional music concerts.

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