Marc Atkinson Trio with Cameron Wilson

  • Sat., Feb. 18, 2023 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
  • The Dream Café

    67 Front Street
    Penticton, British Columbia V2A1H2
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Marc Atkinson is one of Canada's finest JUNO-nominated, Western Canadian award-winning musicians. He is the leader and composer of the internationally renowned Marc Atkinson Trio (and co-founder, composer and performer in the acclaimed, The Bills). The music of this virtuosic group is melodically captivating, sensually charged and ferociously, technically awe-inspiring. Embracing a lifetime of musical influences, Marc and the Trio have just released their fourth CD, The Marc Atkinson Trio IV, praised as the finest yet. The compositions on this CD are punchy, driving and rhythmically inventive. The Trio, formed in 2000, has toured North America, England and Europe and has received standing ovations everywhere they perform from the Montreal Jazz Festival to the Vancouver International Folk Festival to DjangoFest Northwest.

The many original Marc Atkinson compositions are jewels in Canadian guitar repertoire. The first three CDs are still garnering international attention for its stunning compositions and extraordinary guitar dexterity The Marc Atkinson Trio II was voted one of the top five albums in North America by Acoustic Guitar Magazine. The Marc Atkinson Trio III was nominated in 2006 for an Outstanding Album Award at the Western Canadian Music Awards. 

The Marc Atkinson Trio IV pushes the boundaries of this instrumental group even further than the first 2 CDs. It is a technically demanding, melodic and rhythmically pulsing 50 minutes of music. The new CD includes 11 Marc Atkinson original compositions and one impressive rearrangements of Russian Rag.  The compositions glide seamlessly from unusual beauty, to raucous rhythm. If you are a lover of the guitar, instrumental music or just music, you will love this new recording.

Marc Atkinson, a multi-instrumentalist/composer/arranger/producer, is one of Canada’s most talented musicians. His catchy compositions, found on the self-titled CDs I, II, III and now IV take guitar beyond the usual repertoire and sound.  The tunes have a fiery but elegant guitar style, infused with a catchy blend of influences. All this while still maintaining the laidback humour and casual ‘good time feel’ of Canada’s West Coast. Atkinson’s picking has been described as flawless, surprise-filled, sizzling and supremely melodic.  His music is original, complex and challenging in its conception and delivery but remains accessible and absorbing.  The music of the Marc Atkinson Trio good-naturedly welcomes all listeners aboard for an intriguing, exhilarating and unforgettable ride.

Marc Atkinson is backed by Joey Smith on bass and Reuben Wier or Chris Frye on rhythm guitar. 


Marc Atkinson - acoustic lead guitar

Reuben Wier or Chris Frye - acoustic rhythm guitar

Joey Smith - stand up bass

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Reviews of The Marc Atkinson Trio III



Jazz Elements (also published in Jazz News) - Cindy McLeod April 2006

. . . a gem of a recording . . . a versatile guitarist who displays a strong grasp of multiple idioms, boasts outstanding technique, and a fluent, graceful style . . . a composer of note, with an individual voice that draws on the influences of the greats of jazz, blues, and gypsy music, and brings them to light in his modern approach. His style is lyrical and oh-so-musical, it's no small wonder the man is gaining international recognition. . . . The Marc Atkinson Trio is quickly headed for superstar status, and their third release further cements their place in the pantheon of great Canadian music.


Acoustic Guitar – Michael Simmons March 2006 issue

. . . top-drawer picking... an inventive composer...a truly original voice.


The Toronto Star – Greg Quill January 2006

They're (the Marc Atkinson originals) outstanding for their vitality, exuberance, elegance and melodic strength, and for the joy these three fine musicians share in executing them. Atkinson is a daring and inventive acoustic guitarist and a powerful force in the new roots/jazz movement (gypsy jazz).


Ubyssey - Terry Boake January 2006 

. . . the best acoustic album I have ever heard . . .


Dutch Hot Club de France - Menno J.H. van der Reijden Autumn 2005

Every tune is a jewel.


Maverick Magazine – Scotland By Loudon Temple September 2005

This is the third Marc Atkinson Trio album and while the first two showed him as someone with all the panache to hack it with the best, this lifts matters to out-of-the-ordinary, not only for the polished sheen of the performance, but for the sheer quality of the original compositions. *****


The Times Colonist – Joseph Blake November 2005

. . . often borders on the profound. III demonstrates the trio's intuitive grace and rubbery collective improvisations while remaining firmly grounded in the last century's jazz history from ragtime and the Latin tinge to New Orleans rococo blues majesty and Ellington's orchestral swing ... and beyond . . . Three musical magicians at the top of their game, The Marc Atkinson Trio have produced (with the help of local studio wizard Joby Baker), a stunning beauty.


The Vancouver Province By John P. McLaughlin October 2005

. . . a remarkable guitar player . . . innovative and dazzling stuff  - “A”.


Vancouver Sun By Marke Andrews August 2005

Cinque Terre rolls out like something Bach would write.


Monday Magazine By Bill Stuart June 2005

. . . masters of whatever style of hat they choose to don.


Penguin Eggs Magazine By Barry Hammond/By Tim Readman Autumn 2005

Amazing players/ Supremely melodic.


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Sat., Feb. 18, 2023 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

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The Dream Café

67 Front Street
Penticton, British Columbia V2A1H2 The Dream Café
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