Matilda Jr

  • The Blackbox Theatre

    2214 South 1250 West
    Woods Cross, Utah 84087
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Matilda Jr

Tickets $7 online or $10 at the door(cash or Venmo only) 

Wednesday, May 11(Naughty) 6:30 PM

Thursday, May 12(Revolting) 6:30 PM

Friday, May13(Naughty) 6:30 PM

Saturday, May 14(Revolting) 12:00 PM


Cast List:

Benny Richardson-Eric

Brinley Aune-Mr. Wormwood(Revolting), Student/Michael(Naughty)

Brooklyn Burgess-Matilda (Naughty), Student (Revolting) 

Brynn Bailey- Matilda(Revolting), Student (Naughty) 

Daniel Sorokine-Trunchbull(Revolting), Student(Naughty)

Daxton Buehner- Mr. Wormwood(revolting), Student/Escapologist (Naughty)

Deneal Christopherson - Bruce

Emilie Kleinman-Hortencia 

Evan Taylor- Trunchbull(naughty), Student (Revolting)

Izabella Thomas-Mrs. Wormwood(Naughty), Student/Michael(Revolting) 

Javin Robbins-Sergei/Student

Jean-Louka Zilleruelo-Mr. Wormwood(Naughty), Student/Escapologist(Revolting)

Lacey Noall-Mrs. Phelps/Student

Nicole Nielsen-Nigel/Acrobat

Paisyn Trythall-Ms. Honey(Revolting), Student(Naughty)

Rachel Thacker Ms. Honey(Naughty), Student (Revolting)

Samantha Mcveigh-Amanda

Sayuri Okutani-Tommy

Zoe Molino-Lavendar

Eli Morato-Rudolpho/Student

Miranda Seeley-Student/Cook


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The Blackbox Theatre

2214 South 1250 West
Woods Cross, Utah 84087 The Blackbox Theatre
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