Maya de Vitry w/ Kaiti Jones at The Parlor Room

  • November 15, 2023 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • The Parlor Room

    32 Masonic Street
    Northampton, Massachusetts 01060
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Maya de Vitry w/ Kaiti Jones
at The Parlor Room
Wednesday, November 15th
Show 7:30pm / Doors 7:00pm

ADV $20 / $18 (Member Price)
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Maya de Vitry

Maya de Vitry’s dynamic and vibrant voice seems to rise out of some necessity of bringing songs to life, embracing listeners with what Folk Alley calls a “soulful intimacy”. From whispering an understated meditation, to belting a chorus in unabashed celebration, her voice is an invitation - and a reminder of why music can be such a welcome companion to the wild and unwieldy unfolding of simply being alive.


Maya grew up in a musical family in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, understanding music to be a place of gathering, a way to spend a summer night by a campfire. She was surrounded by bluegrass and old-time music, and country, gospel, and folk songs. She took piano lessons from her grandmother, and took up classical violin in school, but it was some combination of the haunting fiddle music of Appalachia and the vulnerable poetry in Townes Van Zandt’s songwriting that first compelled her to begin creating tunes and songs of her own - and it was around campfires that she slowly found the courage to begin singing them.


Maya first traveled and performed as a fiddling street musician, and then in bars, theaters, and on festival stages as a founding member of The Stray Birds. When the trio parted ways in 2018, Maya embarked on an ever-evolving musical path of solo work and new collaborations. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, she enjoys moving between acoustic and electric worlds, playing in the musical spaces between folk, country, and indie rock - although she thinks of it all as “song music”. Her recordings and live performances embody both sincerity and playfulness, and a compelling reverence for the power of songs to be a place of gathering - whether played on stage, or around a campfire.


As a solo artist, she has released three full-length albums and a series of singles via her own label, Mad Maker Studio.


“her voice is among the most ethereal and pure in roots music” - Glide Magazine


“the perfect soundtrack for uncorking that emotion and (defiantly) loving life again” - NPR


“a powerful performance… I’m still smiling” - Kevin, a fan from North Carolina


Kaiti Jones

Kaiti Jones writes songs to make sense of the world, as potent storytellers do. Her songs are a garden that she tends to, rooted in existential angst or failed romances that grow into retrospective anecdotes, sometimes evolving over months or even years. “I often write or finish songs years later, when I’m able to look back with a new perspective and less pain,” she explains. Jones’s sophomore album Tossed, following 2017’s folk-leaning Vows, furthers this practice of introspection and lucid insight. It’s allowed her to confront daunting questions, and as a result, shines a guiding light for anyone who listens. 

Tossed is a collection of songs from a variety of years in Jones’s life. It was recorded between December 2019-May 2020, primarily in Watertown, Massachusetts at the home studio of Future Teens’ Daniel Radin, who produced and engineered the album. Everything was nearly finished and then the world shut down. After adding the finishing touches during quarantine, the outcome is a sublime bridge of folk and indie rock: blending the same grace and gentleness exhibited by Julia Jacklin with tender, hearty melodies akin to Sharon Van Etten. Pedal steel whirls around Jones’s silvery voice while reeling guitars come to her aid amidst thorny woes. 

Tossed finds Jones exploring both her insecurities and resilience. Sometimes they come in a ballad of questions on “Mystic,” where she examines transitioning from rigid evangelical christian culture to a more open spiritual mindset, or an endearing rush of pop-rock on “Gettin’ Around To It,” which serves as both an ode to procrastination and a metaphor for the anxieties of life. These nine tracks are the most sonically diverse that Jones has released since first publishing her music in 2009. They’re intimate and sown with personal details, without drawing to some grand, trite conclusion. “As I've gotten older, I feel like I have more and more questions and fewer answers, and I've just learned to be okay with that,” she says.


The Parlor Room is a BYOB venue.  Tickets are non-refundable. 

The Parlor Room is located at 32 Masonic Street Northampton, MA 01060

Date & Time

Wed, Nov 15, 2023 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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The Parlor Room

32 Masonic Street
Northampton, Massachusetts 01060 The Parlor Room
The Parlor Room

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