Mediumship Circle!

  • Jan. 16 - Dec. 29, 2023
  • Reflex and Refresh

    240 1st Avenue West
    North Bay, Ontario P1B 3C1
Ticket Price (CAD) $25.00-$45.00 This event is now over

If you've ever done our intuition crash course workshop or done mentorship with Kayla, you'll have the skills needed! However, this is beginner friendly and we will teach the skills as well! 

A mediumship circle, or spirit circle, is a gathering of people who are looking to develop their mediumship or psychic skill by doing work on others. We take turns sharing what we receive in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. I teach the basic steps, and provide refinement and guidance. Practicing in a group like this helps to develop accuracy, bring comfort and support, and showcase all the ways your guidance can come through. It helps build confidence in your skills, and shows the super wide range of psychic skills a person can carry! Development like this will work to open all of your psychic skills, as well as create direct pathways to access your gifts that are simple and effective, as well as bring tools to your development. Most of all, it's super fun!  Tickets are $25 and we'll be starting off at 6 pm until about 8pm. 

Date & Time

Jan. 16 - Dec. 29, 2023

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Reflex and Refresh

240 1st Avenue West
North Bay, Ontario P1B 3C1 Reflex and Refresh
Reflex and Refresh