Mediumship Circle

  • June 8 - August 31, 2024
  • The Healing Shoppe

    316 North Mountain Avenue
    Upland, California 91786
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Mediumship is a natural ability that most everyone has.  Like a muscle, it can be strengthened to a surprising degree.  Being in a mental mediumship development circle is the best way to develop and hone that ability.  Some of the things students will learn: 

Mediumship development practices

-Connecting to spirit

-Different ways spirit communicates

-Sensing and discerning spirit

-Grounding meditation

-Giving messages

-Spiritual protection

-Mediumship ethics

This is a one-hour circle.  

Elizabeth Johnson is a psychic medium and licensed reverend.  She studied psychic and mediumship development under psychic medium Pastor Martin Pina of the “Spiritualist Church of Revelation” in Monrovia, CA from 2008 until his transition in 2018.  Elizabeth has served as a medium at the Spiritualist Church of Revelation, the” Learning Light Center” in Anaheim CA and at “Alignment Healing Center” in Rancho Cucamonga.  Elizabeth is currently enrolled in the prestigious “Morris Pratt Institute” which is regarded as the gold standard for mediumship certification as both a Spiritualist Healer and Spiritualist Psychic-Medium.  Over the last 12 years Elizabeth has hosted and taught a Spiritualist healing and psychic mediumship circle in her home.  She is available for private readings.

Date & Time

Jun 8 - Aug 31, 2024

Venue Details

The Healing Shoppe

316 North Mountain Avenue
Upland, California 91786 The Healing Shoppe
The Healing Shoppe Crystal Boutique

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