Melancholy Play

  • Apr 7 - 15, 2023
  • Masquerade Theatre Studios

    301 W Washington St #100
    Riverside, New Jersey 08075
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“What Melancholy is, with all the kinds, causes, and symptoms, prognostics, and several cures of it. In three Partitions, with their several sections, members, and subsections.” 

- The Anatomy of Melancholy, 1632. Robert Burton (Democritus Junior)

Sarah Ruhl’s “Melancholy Play” is a contemporary farce that follows the exquisite and gloomy bank teller, Tilly, as she contemplates her own emotions, and weaves herself into the hearts of four seemingly unfeeling individuals - underscored by the sound of rain and strings. What ensues is an exploration in melancholia; our fragility, our inherent loneliness, how watching the rising and falling of the sun, and the moments in between. Featuring original compositions and shadow puppetry, this whimsical and nuanced reimagining of Melancholy Play is not to be missed! 

Presented at Masquerade Theatre Studios April 7th-14th.


*Please note that we have 2 "Pay What You Can" nights on Thursday, April 13 and Friday, April 14th.  We believe that everyone should have access to great theatre!  Tickets are normally priced at $25, but if you're a little low on funds at present, pay what you're able to!  Or if you're feeling generous, give a little more!  We'll have QR codes and places to drop cash should you want to add a little extra after the show.

Date & Time

Apr 7 - 15, 2023

Venue Details

Masquerade Theatre Studios

301 W Washington St #100
Riverside, New Jersey 08075 Masquerade Theatre Studios
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