• May 2 - Sep 26, 2021
  • Morton's Warm Springs

    1651 Warm Springs Road, Glen Ellen, California 95442, US

Ticket Price $8.00-$15.00 This event is now over

Reservations & Safe Visits

We're doing our part to limit our numbers and support social distancing during these COVID-19 times. In order to offer safe & equitable pool access to the most number of visitors, we're restricting our overall site capacity on weekends to 40% and capping the pool area at 50% of normal. For weekdays (Tuesdays-Fridays only) as there are much fewer visitors, we're able to cap site capacity at 25% and pool capacity at 50%, allowing weekday visitors to enjoy longer pool access times. 

On weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) there are now three (3) Pool Access Time slots, and on weekdays (Tuesdays - Fridays) there are now two (2) Pool Access Time slots. Pool lounge chairs and all picnic tables are spaced 6 feet apart, and we are also not accepting group reservations for the duration of the pandemic. See below to read more about our COVID-19 Social Contract shared by staff and guests alike.

As a result, reservations are now required for every visit, even if you don't plan to swim. Reservations are available both here online and also at the gate on a first-come, first-served basis until fully booked. Reservations are not needed for infants and toddlers (2 years old & under) because they are always free of charge, provided that they have a swim diaper on while in the pool area at all times. (Swim diapers are available for sale at the gate if needed.)

Your Member Reservation grants two things: 

  1. Access to the site for the day, 10am - 5pm (site closes at 6pm) + MEMBERS ONLY Hours, 5:30-7pm (site closes at 7:30pm) on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays only.
  2. A time slot for pool access

On the date of your reservation, you may arrive at any time during our regular hours of operation: 10am - 5pm (site closes at 6pm), but you may only be in the pool area or swimming during the time slot you reserved with your ticket. If you are arriving for MEMBERS ONLY Hours, please arrive BEFORE 6pm. Remember to allow yourself time to clean up so you can be fully offsite with time to spare BEFORE the grounds close at 6pm on most days and at 7:30pm for MEMBERS ONLY Hours on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays only.

Please ALWAYS bring your Membership Card so we can validate your Member Reservation tickets and check you in as smoothly as possible.


Pool Access Time Slots

Only ONE Pool Access Time Slot allowed per person per day (not including Group M: MEMBERS ONLY Hours, 5:30-7pm Sat/Sun/Holiday).

Please take special note of the pool access time you select as that is the ONLY time you may access the pool area during the day. Use of your pool access time slot is optional but also non-transferable. You will not have access to the pools at any other time, even if it's not busy. (Exception: Members are allowed to combine Group M bookings with a Group A,B, or C booking of the same day.)

 Tue-Fri (Jun-Aug)Sat/Sun/Holidays (May-Sep)
Group A

10am - 1:30pm

10am - 12pm

Group B

2pm - 5pm

12:30pm - 2:30pm

Group C 

3pm - 5pm

Group M 

5:30pm - 7pm (MEMBERS ONLY)


Guest Passes

Due to our limited pool capacity during COVID-19, Member Guest Passes can be booked with the following restrictions:

  • Only one (1) Guest Pass is allowed per membership during non-member hours (GROUPS A, B, or C pool access times, 10am-5pm).
  • During MEMBERS ONLY Hours up to two (2) Guest Passes are allowed (GROUP M pool access times, 5:30-7pm Sat/Sun/Holiday).
  • The physical Guest Pass you received with your membership must be presented at the same time as the Members Reservation ticket for that Guest Pass in order to admit the guest. Otherwise the guest will need to pay for a new ticket.


COVID-19 Social Contract

To protect each other during these COVID-19 times, we– the guests, visitors & staff of Morton's Warm Springs– pledge & commit to the following. We will:

  • Monitor health. Proactively monitor our health and watch for COVID symptoms daily. Stay home (or go home) if we feel ill, have any symptom(s) associated with COVID-19, or if we have had any known exposure to COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
  • Communicate if unwell. Guests and Staff will notify Morton's Management, if any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure occur (click here for a description of COVID-19 symptoms).Guests will not be penalized for canceling a reservation (or leaving early) due to illness, COVID-19 symptoms, or COVID-19 exposure. Staff will not be penalized for staying home or going home due to illness, COVID-19 symptoms, or COVID-19 exposure.
  • Distance and wear face coverings. Practice safe physical distancing of 6 feet or more with anyone not in our immediate household, and wear appropriate face coverings while in indoor spaces, while interacting with others, and whenever we are not able to maintain 6 feet physical distance with someone not in our immediate household.
  • Practice thorough personal hygiene. Frequently wash our hands (20 seconds with soap & water) and,  whenever possible, use hand sanitizers before and after touching shared objects or entering shared spaces.
  • Practice thorough cleaning. Morton's staff will follow COVID-19 cleaning protocols (disinfecting with increased frequency) throughout the site especially in interior spaces and high traffic areas.
  • Together, we can keep the Springs open safely.


Cancellation Policy (MEMBER RESERVATIONS)

Let us know right away if you suspect that anyone (or everyone) on your Member Reservation may not make it on your reservation date, especially if it's the day before or the day of your scheduled reservation date

Please note that when a Member makes a Member Reservation, we are holding pool time slots for you during these COVID-19 times when we are forced to have significantly reduced numbers of total allowed guests. 

As a valued Member, while there are no penalties if you or another person on your reservation cancels, either last minute or as a no-show, it keeps us from being able to offer up those slots to others during a very tight year. Please be respectful of fellow members who are also looking to book these specially reserved member slots by immediately cancelling or removing someone off your reservation as soon as you learn they can't make it.

You can cancel part or all of your reservation by emailing us as with the following information included:

  • Order #
  • Name on the order
  • Email address on the order
  • Phone number
  • Your cancellation request: Do you want to cancel the entire reservation? Or, which single items?

You can also call us at 707-833-5511 during business hours and we can help you to cancel part or all of your reservation via phone as well.

Date & Time

May 2 - Sep 26, 2021

Venue Details

Morton's Warm Springs

1651 Warm Springs Road, Glen Ellen, California 95442, US

Morton's Warm Springs
Morton's Warm Springs

Located in the heart of Sonoma Wine Country, in a place known as the Valley of the Moon, this diverse geothermal springs sanctuary borders Sonoma Creek and is nestled among a canopy of large oaks, open meadows and rolling hills – perfect for picnics, reunions, family recreation, corporate retreats and meetings, birthdays, weddings, and class field trips.

• Two Geothermal Mineral Pools and a Wading Pool

• Geothermal Showers & Changing Rooms

• Organic Cafe

• Creekside Picnic and BBQ Sites

• Access to Sonoma Creek