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    Pembrey, Carmarthenshire SA16 0EJ
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2023 CLSC Club and Insurance Terms & Conditions

Please note the information below is an overview of terms and conditions you agree to when taking out this year’s membership with the CLSC.  You must familiarise yourself with the full contents of the Handbook by visiting our website at


Throughout the year changes and updates that may relate to instructions from the landowners, insurance companies, health & safety risk assessments, general rules and guidance may arise. Using the club social media channels, we will make you aware of any changes taking place. Please familiarise yourself with these before sailing by visiting our website and reviewing the appropriate area’s in the Handbook. Failure to do so may expose you and the club in not being insured.


Permission by the landowners to use beaches within the UK

The CLSC provide 10 million pounds of third-party public liability insurance to its members for land sailing on selected beaches in the UK where the CLSC has obtained written permission from the landowner.


Currently we have written permissions to use the following beaches:

•                    Cefn Sidan (Pembrey) - Llanelli, Carmarthenshire.

•                    Pendine Sands Pendine, Carmarthenshire.

•                    Tenby South – Pembrokshire.

•                    Westward Ho! – North Devon.

•                    Porth Neigwl beach (Hell's Mouth) – Gwynedd.

•                    Harlech – Gwynedd.

•                    Morfa Bychan Beach (Black Rock Sands) – Gwynedd.

•                    Mochras Beach (Shell Island) down to Tal-y-bont – Gwynedd.

•                    Hoylake – Wirral.


We are working with other landowners for written permission to use other beaches within the UK our members may wish to use. Throughout the year additional beaches or amendments to the terms and conditions of authorised beaches may change, again these will be updated in the CLSC Handbook and you will be made aware by the club social media channels.


When taking part in land sailing on Cefn Sidan (Pembrey) and Pendine beaches you must be a member of CLSC. In order to demonstrate this, you must sign in and out of the Pilot’s log book held within the containers before sailing on the beach and on return. CLSC identification bands must be visually displayed on your craft or on your person.

On all beaches you must carry your membership card and the 2023 CLSC proof of insurance at all times when sailing. Suitable clothing & helmets must be worn at all times. You must abide by the terms and conditions of the landowners, associated bodies and their representatives and ensure that local byelaws are always observed and complied with. These are detailed in the CLSC Handbook along with general sailing safety rules, risk assessments, guidance notes and wind zone maps.


Equipment checks & maintenance

All equipment must be visually inspected by a competent person prior to use and withdrawn from use until any defects found are repaired. All equipment must be maintained and serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. All inspections verifying actions referred to above are recorded and retained for a period of at least three years in the maintenance logbook provided by the CLSC.



Insurance cover outside the UK

Our policy covers an organised event by the officers of the CLSC outside of the UK anywhere in the world. The Officers of the CLSC must provide details of the organised event to the insurance company for permissions. Individual CLSC members are not covered under the policy if outside the UK


Insurance cover for injuring another pilot.

You will also have the benefit of third-party public liability insurance should you be responsible for injuring another member of the CLSC providing you have followed all the directions and advice given in this Handbook. Please note no personal injury insurance cover is provided by the CLSC insurance policy, so you personally will not be covered for any injuries or life changing disabilities that you might sustain as a result of your land sailing activities


The policy also covers racing at an organised event should you be responsible for injuring another pilot providing you have followed all the directions and advice from the race marshals and officers. Again, you will not have any protection from our policy for any injurers sustained to yourself or conditions that may arise from life changing disabilities. Please also consider another pilot may not have the same protection from their policy if they cause injury to yourself.


Reporting an accident

If you are involved in any incident that involves a member of the public, animals or another pilot it must be reported to the Club Secretary immediately. Give your name and insurance details to the third party but do not admit any responsibility. Obtain details of any third parties involved and or injured, eye whiteness and any supporting evidence.


Day guest membership and providing an experience session - Cefn Sidan (Pembrey) and Pendine Only

As a member of the CLSC you are allowed to sign in a non-member for a day membership. You will be considered responsible for the guest during the day. You must ensure they understand and abide by the appropriate club rules and regulations, the requisite health and safety information.


If you are giving guidance to an inexperienced pilot you must ensure that they are under your instruction at all times and must not sail off out of your sight.

We will not provide insurance cover for bodily Injury to any person as a result of their inexperience or physical inability to carry out advice or instruction given by yourself. If they fail to follow your instructions or are unable to safely pilot the craft, you must stop the session immediately.

They must complete a day membership which must be countersigned by yourself before going on the beach. They should also sign in to Sailing Logbook replacing the CLSC membership number with the words “Day Membership” The original forms and day fees must be sent to the Membership officer.

Current guest membership is on a daily basis and is limited to two days per person per calendar year. To continue to sail beyond two days per calendar year the guest member must apply for Full Club Membership.

The Club has adopted a Child and Youth Protection Policy which must be adhered to at all times.  The policy can be downloaded from the Resources section of the Club website.

Important safety rules whilst sailing relating to other beach users

Consideration must be given to other beach users at all times. At slow speeds (10 - 15 mph) it is safe to pass within 20m of pedestrians, provided they can see you approaching, this includes the kite. Unsighted pedestrians should be avoided by 50m minimum. At higher speeds, all pedestrians should be avoided by 50m minimum, more where possible if the pedestrians are unsighted.

All horses should be avoided by at least 200m. however if a horse is sited regardless of distance, we would recommend that the pilot simply turns around to avoid any encounter.  If this is not practical, sand yacht should be stopped & tipped over to minimise the appearance of the sail & stop it flapping, until the horses are at least 200m distant. Similarly kites should be dropped onto the beach & deflated.

Dogs when off the lead and can easily out run a slower moving craft and are easily run over by the rear wheels. Section 4 paragraph 6 offers some solutions but is not exhaustive. Best to avoid or if unsure stop.

Further details can be found Section 4 General Sailing Risk Assessments of the CLSC Handbook


Use of club equipment and container at Pembrey

The Club Container is located in Car Park 4 in the Pembrey Country Park. Access to the container is via a numbered padlock, the code for which is contained in your Membership documentation.

Over the years the club has invested heavily in a new container that has been racked out by volunteers of the club, with land sailing and meets equipment. Whilst this is all covered by our insurance it is important that the container is secured at all times. You must not pass the lock code on to others. Please ensure that the container is kept clean and tidy and that all equipment is stored correctly.

Pilots using club kit must check the equipment using the equipment inspection record logbook in the container before use and signed out and back in using the using the equipment logbook. The CLSC accept that equipment can be damaged during activities. Please report any damage immediately to a member of the committee, providing that the damage was an accident there will be no costs attributed to you and the equipment can be repaired and or replaced for the enjoyment of other as soon as possible.



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Oct 30, 2022 8:00 am - Dec 31, 2023 10:00 am

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Pembrey, Carmarthenshire SA16 0EJ PEMBREY/PENDINE

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