Mike's Maze - 'Thinking...' 2023

  • Warner Farm

    23 South Main Street
    Sunderland, Massachusetts 01375
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A labyrinth of type encoded in our corn field poses a question: “In the age of artificial intelligence, what makes us human?” Humanity’s existential crisis becomes fodder for Fall fun at Mike’s Maze as visitors explore 8 acres of corn, encountering tech trivia and decoding challenges along the way.


Come experience what Wired Magazine called “the most elaborate corn maze in America!”— a unique fall attraction that manages to manifest family fun from the technological trials and tribulations of our time. 


Ditch screen time and download fun this fall at Mike’s Maze!


Activities for Humans:
● Navigate the circuits of the maze motherboard in 8 acres of corn.
● Play Mike’s trivia game to see if you can pass the Turing Test and certifiy having human intelligence!
● Run on the Robo-Rollers, upload yourself onto the giant slides for a fast download, experience an epic “Airdrop” on the Jump (i)Pad!
● Experience the World Wide Web from the top of our 25 foot-tall rope climber
● Save humanity from the robot uprising at the potato cannon range
● Race around the track in non-self driving pedal carts!
● Enjoy food for thought at the Corn Cafe with everything from kettle corn and cider donuts to burgers and farm-fresh fries!


Fridays: 11pm – 5pm
Saturdays, Sundays, & Columbus Day: 9am – 5pm

Venue Details

Warner Farm

23 South Main Street
Sunderland, Massachusetts 01375 Warner Farm
Mike's Maze

Mike’s Maze is more than a corn maze…it’s a thematic immersive experience for all ages!

Visitors to Mike’s Maze will encounter activities, games, and amusements to entertain the entire family. Located on a working farm at the foot of Mount Sugarloaf, visitors enjoy gorgeous views of the New England foliage.


Every year we concoct a brand new maze, along with themed games that will challenge you to solve puzzles and problems, and lead you on your exploration through the corn! Be prepared to laugh and learn as you wander the 8-acre maze, encountering installations and trivia at every turn!


While you’re here, you can take part in our many Attractions; fire the mighty potato cannons, go for a pony ride or take a tour of our farm on the back of a tractor-pulled wagon, pick out your own Halloween pumpkin, and stay for lunch at the Corn Cafe, serving farm fresh food all day.


Young kids will delight in our larger-than-life playground featuring a giant double drain-tube slide, a jump pad, tractor tire jungle gym, and giant games! Older kids (and adults!) can enjoy a race around the track in our pedal carts at Dave’s Derby. And folks love to check out the view of the maze from the perspective of our giant walk-in camera obscura!