'Mixtape: A Night of Short Plays and Excerpts Inspired by Songs' by Heather Lee Wallen

  • Sat, Feb 18, 2023 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Potomac Playmakers Performing Arts Center

    17303 West Washington Street
    Hagerstown, Maryland 21740
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'Mixtape', written by Heather Lee Perry, is a collection of short plays & shorts excerpts from plays surrounding songs.

Show summaries

  • Out- An excerpt of a full length play by the same name. Ellie’s husband has just left her and their affectionless marriage. The strange thing is he left her everything but the dog- she’s more of a cat person anyway. Ellie is still reeling from the aftermath of the break up when her best friend Cooper arrives and doesn’t help much by teasing her about the reason .Everyone seems to think Ellie is Gay- and she’s starting to think maybe it’s true. Things become more complicated when Ellie’s mother Norah arrives with her expectations for Ellie’s future prospects.
  • Twenty Seconds on the Sidewalk- A three minute play about two strangers who meet on the sidewalk and their internal monologues about the occurrence. This play is more about movement and body language than spoken words. The whole play, though several minutes long, covers about twenty seconds of time.
  • Through the Window-  A verse play inspired by music, poetry, and Shakespeare. A modern take on the cliche balcony scene. Two teenage lovers exchange poetry, revealing feelings they have been failing to express in other ways..
  • The God Question/Divinity -  A monologue in which the main character decides to set out to find god in a variety of places, and the questions they intend to ask when they find them.
  • Dear Persephone - A monologue about escaping a traumatic situation and relationship. About identifying and ignoring red flags because the green ones seem worth the risk. About how much trust you are expected to give a person at the start of a relationship. A woman writes letters to Persephone asking for advice only she can give.
  • Stories -  A monologue about needing more than anything to tell stories.
  • Monstrous - A Monologue about the desire to be monstrous, and the benefits of getting that wish.
  • Manic Panic -  Part of a larger piece. A college sophomore has made a name for herself being a Manic pixie dream girl. Using the trope to get friends of guys (and sometimes girls) to pay her for being that all important romantic push. However her once seemingly large campus pool of students is getting smaller. She plans one more job before quitting before she gets caught. In this scene she and her best friend talk about her new and final target.
  • Shaking off The Dust -  Cecily is building walls- new ones- stronger than before. Before when she let someone in. Before when she thought it was love. Her inner voice guides her through her memories as she struggles to decide what she gets to keep.
  • Lighthouse -  A monologue about a lost friendship that may have been toxic from the very beginning.
  • Way Less Sad -  Experimental. “No I ain’t happy yet, but I’m way less sad” An observation on how we settle. Three characters explore what it means to be happy. Or Happy enough. A spoken word piece with dialogue from three seemingly unique perspectives that overlap in various ways.
Date & Time

Sat, Feb 18, 2023 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Potomac Playmakers Performing Arts Center

17303 West Washington Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740 Potomac Playmakers Performing Arts Center
The Potomac Playmakers

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