Morning Creative writing with Sue Thayer - Archived

  • February 5 - 19, 2024
  • Muck Duck Studio

    595 Blossom Road
    Rochester, New York 14610
Ticket Price $15.00 This event is now over

Creative writing is a powerful tool for enhancing well-being, offering an introspective outlet for self-expression and emotional processing. It stimulates imagination and creativity, fostering innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. By exploring different perspectives, it enhances empathy and understanding, while also sharpening cognitive abilities like memory and attention. This practice aids in refining communication skills, as it involves organizing thoughts coherently. Additionally, the sense of accomplishment from creating written work boosts self-esteem and contributes to personal growth.

Anyone who likes to write and wants to dig up juicy subconscious material from within, will enjoy the process and experience of this writing exercises and discussion gathering.

Date & Time

Feb 5 - 19, 2024

Venue Details

Muck Duck Studio

595 Blossom Road
Rochester, New York 14610 Muck Duck Studio
Muck Duck Studio

Muck Duck Studio’s mission is to empower individuals, organizations, and businesses, both locally in Rochester, NY, and globally, through the transformative power of creativity. We combine a diverse range of art forms, including somatic experiences, music, visual arts, and environmentalism, to inspire and engage people from all walks of life.

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