MSA Theatre Weekly Summer Workshops

  • July 8 - August 1, 2024
  • Novato High School Performing Arts Center

    625 Arthur Street
    Novato, California 94947
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Our MSA Theatre Summer Workshops are designed to engage and empower students, building strength, focus, friendships, and technique. The aim is to jump start young actors' opportunities for success in whatever theatre experiences they wish to pursue. The various areas covered in these workshops help students to become more comfortable in themselves and all facets of theatre. They are designed to support all actors—not just musical theatre students. The workshops are ideal for transfer students to meet others with mutual interests before school starts.

The program is designed to be affordable and depends on a certain number of students to break even. In the event that enough students do not apply for a week, the sessions will be cancelled and fees for the week will be returned.





Week Two - Vocals, Ballet, Stage Combat

July 8-11, Mon. 12-4pm/Tues.-Thurs. 12-2:15pm



Week Three - Vocals, Ballet, Stage Combat

July 15-18, Mon. 12-4pm/Tues.-Thurs. 12-2:15pm



Week Four - Tap, Broadway Dance, Vocals, Ballet

July 22-25, Mon.-Thurs. 9:15am-3:30pm (half hour lunch)



Week Five - Acting, Ballet, Stage Combat Intensive

July 29 - Aug 1, Mon.-Thurs. 10am-2:15pm (half hour lunch)



The curriculum may be subject to change.



Acting - Gabby Winnett

Ballet - Amanda Wells

Broadway Dance, Tap - Dylan Parry Smith

Vocals - Scott DeTurk

Stage Combat - Nic Moore



Dress in comfortable, modest athletic/dance clothing

Tap shoes or hard-soled shoes for Tap

Monologues for acting classes, preferably memorized


For more info, contact us at (641) 980-8513

Date & Time

Jul 8 - Aug 1, 2024

Venue Details

Novato High School Performing Arts Center

625 Arthur Street
Novato, California 94947 Novato High School Performing Arts Center
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