Needle Felting 101

  • Sep 19 - Oct 10, 2022
  • The Molecule Effect

    1201 Santa Fe Drive
    Denver, Colorado 80204
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Ready to have a great time learning a really cool craft? Join us for Needle Felting every Monday for the next few weeks! The class will be taught by Sam Wuestman, an arts and crafts pro, at the very excellent coffee house / wine bar, The Molecule Effect.

Needle Felting is explained by Sam as "a technique in which loose wool is formed into shape by the use of a special grooved needle. To create a needle felted piece, you would start with a piece of loose Wool (Merino Wool is popular for beginner projects). Manipulate the wool into a tighter shape with your hands. I like to roll the wool between my hands to form a loose ball, this makes it easier to start creating a shape with your needle. Once you have a loose shape, you take the needle and slowly poke it into the wool. Repeat this step evenly around the entire lump of wool so that the fibers begin to tighten evenly. To create creases, dimples, and depressions, you stab the same area repeatedly to tighten the fibers. Once you have your basic shape, you can begin to add more wool by repeating the same steps. Using different wool colors and patterns, you can create an incredible variety of designs!"

How it Works:
A needle felting needle has a triangular shaft with sharp notches. These notches grab wool fibers as you stab into a lump of wool and weave the fibers into each other. The more you stab in one place, the tighter the fibers become. Using this concept, you can create areas with tightly woven and loosely woven fibers that, when combined, can create all kinds of shapes and figures.

Sign up for all the classes, as the theme will change each week. One week will be for creating foods, fruits and vegetables. Another week will be for miniature animals, etc.


  • 2-hour Instructional Class
  • Needle Felting Kit (includes This set includes: 1 Small, High Density Foam Underlay, 1 Wooden Handle Needle Holder (one needle included), 1 Fine Felting Needle (triangle), 1 Middle Felting Needle (triangle), 1 Coarse Felting Needle (triangle), 1 Pair of Finger Gloves as protection, and various colors of Merino Wool Top
  • A great time with other crafts-loving folks in a very cool environment!


Please note that The Molecule Effect has requested that each attendee purchase one coffee or a glass of wine or any of the light bites they have in exchange for their freely providing us with the space and very cool environment for our class!

Registration deadline for each class is a week before the class so we can get all of the kits. Sign up today!

Date & Time

Sep 19 - Oct 10, 2022

Venue Details

The Molecule Effect

1201 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, Colorado 80204 The Molecule Effect
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