Nick Perri with Special Guest Walt Lafty

  • The Room at Cedar Grove

    32882 Cedar Grove Road
    Lewes, Delaware 19958
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Join Nick Perri and Walt Lafty (former Silvertide bandmates) for a night of music and celebration this December. Walt will play a solo set, Nick will play a solo set, and the long-time friends will join forces for some familiar Silvertide jams. These will be special engagements- full electric, full production- and not to be missed. Tickets on sale now!

Nick Perri isn’t writing your typical rags-to-riches breakout story (yet), and because it lacks the salacious drug overdoses and groupie exposés that have always enthralled rock’s faded journalism and today’s social media fervor, it isn’t getting the cultural attention it really deserves. Nick has spent nearly twenty years fighting for the soul of rock and roll, exhaustively trying to preserve a certain mindset and attitude, which was long ago abandoned by an industry that prefers to reach for homogeny. Instead, through his own personal ethos and the music he creates, Nick is crafting a salvation story, one in which rock and roll saves itself from its own mediocrity.

Over the years, the journey has been complicated and magical. It has been full of the kind of peaks and valleys that a person needs to travel on the path to becoming who and what they are meant to be. The spirit of independence infused this project and resulted in music that could only have come from Philadelphia.

Authenticity, not guitar playing, is Nick’s most astounding quality. He’s a man who’s seen the music business from the inside and the out, he knows how it works. And now he’s making it work for him. Nick is a father in his mid-30s, a husband, a business man, a devoted child, a loving sibling, an uncle, an Italian, an American, a guitar legend, and a grateful artist. If he signs his name with authority, it’s because he earns it.

-Ari Halbkram

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The Room at Cedar Grove

32882 Cedar Grove Road
Lewes, Delaware 19958 The Room at Cedar Grove
Paul Kares

Paul Kares is a nonprofit organization whose mission is dedicated to educating aspiring chefs or musicians, focusing on kids and young adults who show interest and passion for culinary and musical arts. Paul Kares will weave together how these passions could be the foundation for life-long career for young people who are not necessarily college-bound and how they can hone their skills to be a personal chef, sommelier, performer, or all the above. Plus, Paul Kares will get them the tools like musical instruments, knives, etc for the students who can’t afford them and will donate to school systems that need equipment for their classrooms.

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