Nicole von Arx/NVA & Guests

  • November 2 - 4, 2023

    106 Calyer Street
    Brooklyn, New York 11222
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The Fear Project

Experience a compelling dance theatre stage work, where dancers embark on a profound exploration of Fear, Conflict, Identity, and Self-Love. Playfulness and darkness intertwine, creating an emotional landscape that spans from sheer happiness to gripping fear. Audience participation blurs the boundaries, engaging viewers mentally and physically, fostering a deep connection to the themes explored. Composer Benjamin Louis Brody's ethereal music of his album “Floating into Infinity” enhances the journey, seamlessly blending with the dancers' movements. Prepare for a transformative experience as this immersive performance unravels the depths of human emotion. 


NVA & Guests exists as a platform to produce and share the artistic work of choreographer Nicole von Arx, providing opportunities for the exchange of ideas across cultures and cultivating community on a local and international level. Through a rotating roster of performers representing a diverse array of backgrounds, the company offers a repertory of individualized dance/theatre works that can be seen on large stages as well as in flexible/non-traditional performance spaces. With roots in New York City and Switzerland, NVA & Guests invites audiences across the globe to forge genuine connections with performances that present the company’s unique combination of dynamic physicality and theatrical narrative. 


Date & Time

Nov 2 - 4, 2023

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106 Calyer Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222 TRISK
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