Nora Alami + Jadd Tank

  • December 7 - 9, 2023

    106 Calyer Street
    Brooklyn, New York 11222
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3rd Body: Simulations for Long Distance

3rd Body is a play about the Other.
3rd Body is told through dance. 
3rd Body navigates experiences of being Arab,
As told by Arabs,
Who were told about their Arab-ism By Others.

Located in the discomfort of discussing identity, 3rd Body manifests a type of longing understood to those who seek to belong. 

3rd Body is designed with SIMULATIONS, each told through dance. Inspired by virtual reality technology, 3rd Body SIMULATIONS are distinct worlds that replicate reality without the parameters of reality itself (think: mirage). 

Each simulation is intentionally distinct and disjointed from the other, inviting the audience to make meaning across contradiction and nonlinearity. The content is as diverse, contradictory, substantive, and complex as all third culture realities. 

Simulations for Long Distance, the newest 3rd Body installment, confronts the surreal perils and pleasures of intimacy across space, time, and technology.


Nora Alami & Jadd Tank are co-directors and creators of “3rd Body”. Carving their place in the creative economy as performers, directors, and creative producers - they joined collaborative forces in 2018 while performing as featured choreographers in the Focus on Mediterranean Choreography series in Italy. Being 3rd Culture Kids themselves, Jadd Tank, a Lebanese-American artist, based in Houston, and Nora Alami, a Moroccan-American artist, based in Brooklyn, they believe in the importance of bridging between various dance communities and industries that otherwise may not have connected.

Collectively, “3rd Body” has been supported by the 2021 JACK Residency, 2021 BRIClab: Performing Arts Residency, and the Rest and Restore Residency at The Petronio Center. “3rd Body” excerpts have been presented as a part of the 2023 LaMaMa Moves! Dance Festival co-presented by the New York Arab Festival and at the Houston Metropolitan Dance Center (2022). 


Date & Time

Dec 7 - 9, 2023

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106 Calyer Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222 TRISK