Not So Thatch Summers End Festival ✨☮️✨

  • Jul. 19, 2024 4:00 p.m. - Jul. 21, 2024 4:00 p.m.
  • Anagance

    333 Windmill Road
    Anagance, New Brunswick E4Z 6K1
Ticket Price (CAD) $80.00-$120.00 Buy Tickets

***  19+ Event  ***

Summer is short lived so we are gonna make the most of it and throw a full moon party

July 19 - 21st 💃🎉



Not So Thatch has always been about friends coming together to share their unique talents to make something really special happen through Music, Art and Dance. ✌️



The location is at:

333 Windmill Rd, Anagance, NB E4Z 6K1


Directions: Drive down Windmill Road for 1 minute, you will see the front gate on your right.  Park your car behind the car in front on the left hand side of the road.  Walk in and set up your tent in the woods (there are spots cleared out) then it's a 20 second walk to the main stage.  


Make sure to look both ways before crossing the rail road tracks (it is an active rail road and a train can come at anytime).  No walking directly on the railroad tracks.



There are a very limited amount of tickets being sold so first come first served. Tickets will go extremely fast.



There will be 3 waves of tickets sold this year,

each ticket gives you all the same access but buying sooner will save you money 💰


Wave 1 $80  

Wave 2  $100  

Wave 3    $120  


Tickets will be released July 19th (Wednesday) at 6pm :)

All tickets sold will be done online 💻


Sound PK:  Maple Hero

Lights:         Shelby Greenough aka Ravvën 🐦‍⬛



July 19th  Construction (Safety fourth) 🦺👷🦺

July 21st   Space (The final frontier)      🌃👽🌃


Things to bring:


1.  Tent

2.  Friends

3.  Good Vibes

4.  Flashlight

5.  Bug Spray

5.  Food/Water

6.  Sleeping Bag




1. Real simple, don't be a dick!!  You will be asked to leave if your holding back other people from having a good time. #LoveEveryone ❤️


2.  Do not walk around with glass bottles, we will provide plastic cups for you if you need them.  


3.  No littering, please help insure the grounds are cleaner leaving then when you get there.  We are doing a bottle drive for a charity group called S.O.S Strays of Sussex.  This is our way of giving back to the community and raising money for cats in need. 🐈😻🐈


Use the clear bags for recycling cans and black bags for trash.  Please come with the pack in pack out mentality.  We will take all the cans and donate them but if you can please leave with the trash you collected (makes our clean up job a lot easier at the end).


4. No walking on the rail road tracks 🚫🚊🚫

(You will be asked to leave without compensation)


5. Absolutely no drinking and driving.  If you are drinking make sure you have a tent to crash in later.  


6.  Sadly no fur babies. 🐶


We will provide:




Trash cans

Porta potties

Trading post

Drinking water on site

Food vendors


DJ's playing ⬇️


Friday Hatch Stage:


LiILT GRAVITY          4 - 5

Beever Eetwood    5 - 6

ONEBIGBANG          6 - 7

Notch                      7 - 8

SpaceCase            8 - 9

Hii-FLii                     9 - 10

HAWTSAUCE          10 - 11

Jvst Enzo                11 - 12

Miss Butler             12 - 1 am

Supreemo               1 - 2 am

Kittybass                  2 - 3 am


Saturday Hatch Stage:


Workshop              11 - 12 (Hula Hooping)

Yoga                      12 - 1pm

Workshop               1 - 2   (Flow Fans)

DJ TBD                    2 - 3

Cheeky Boys          3 - 4  

Phrögnosis             4 - 5

Twax                        5 - 6

DJW!LL                     6 - 7  

Special Guest         7 - 8

CatsCats                 8 - 9

Groovy Tuesday     9 - 10

Mike RedBlue          10 - 11

Zyggz                        11 - 12

HouseParty             12 - 1 am

Httphil                       1 - 2 am

OG Crew                   2 - 4 am


Renegade Stage:


Is open to whoever wants to play, no set times it's just hop on hop off every hour.  Please bring your own controller.  This is a good time to collaborate with other artists and jam out 🎶🤙


Ps make sure to come early enough to have daylight to set up your tent 🏕️☀️

Date & Time

Jul. 19, 2024 4:00 p.m. - Jul. 21, 2024 4:00 p.m.

Venue Details


333 Windmill Road
Anagance, New Brunswick E4Z 6K1 Anagance
Kirkwood Entertainment