Online Life Purpose Reading Workshop, November 2023

  • January 7 - 14, 2024
  • Pacific Standard Time

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*Students must take the Beginner Mediumship Workshop or equivalent before attending this workshop.

Learn how to do Life Purpose Readings!

This 2 part workshop is for those of you that would like to learn how to read someone's life purpose. Everyone has source in their soul that contains a blueprint of their life purpose. Life purpose readings are readings for people that want to learn how to get aligned with their life purpose, and learn how to overcome current or upcoming obstacles in their life. This course will teach you how to connect and retrieve this information from the person's spirit guides, and soul source.

Space is limited!

This course is set up over 2 sessions. During the first session you'll learn how to do a life reading, and practice on other students. During the second session, in small groups, you'll have the opportunity to read 3 real clients that really need help getting back on track with their life purpose.

Part 1

Life Readings

We'll discuss the life reading. You'll learn about the life path, and purpose. What it is, where it comes from, and how you can connect to the life path.


Reading Structure

We'll discuss reading structure and how to acquire life purpose information from someone's soul source. You'll learn the structure in offering a life reading, and how to deliver the information.


Spirit Guides

We'll discuss how to connect to your spirit guides, and their spirit guides to deliver messages of higher good, and to help the person get back on track.


Reading Technique

We'll discuss reading technique and different ways that you can connect to the life purpose. You'll learn how to hone into the right stream of information, and how to know if it's coming from your brain or the spirit world.



You'll be given homework to prepare you for our next session, and be given access to our online reading group for practice until we meet again in part 2.


Part 2

Reading Clients

We'll start out by discussing how to navigate a life reading with a real client. You'll lean how life reading clients are different than reading other students, and we'll discuss the important points of client readings.


Client Readings

The class will be divided up into two groups of 4 and you will each be assigned a real client for case study. You will each do your own reading and compare notes as a group. You'll have three opportunities to read as a group.

This method is designed to help acclimate you to one-on-one readings with a real client.


Class Capacity

This workshop has a maximum capacity of 8 people. I like to keep the workshops small so that we can work closer to discover more about you, and help you in moving forward with your gifts. Each person will receive one-on-one ability analysis and validation for the information they get. This method of teaching can only be done in a small group.


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Date & Time

Jan 7, 2024 9:00 AM - Jan 14, 2024 12:30 PM

The Los Angeles School for the Spiritual Arts