Oran Mor: The Song of All There Is - Sacred Sound Journey W/ Art

  • April 24, 2024 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Healing Concepts/Yoga757

    3619 Virginia Beach Boulevard
    Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
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This practice will be a bit “out of the box” & out of the norm! I will be bringing my art creations along with me to help stoke the fires of your imagination! Arrive early to view the works, choose an art print from the basket to accompany you on your journey. All artwork has been inspired by nature and the Unseen World & created by me while traveling along my Spiritual Path - needless to say each piece is charged with wisdom and powerful creative and heart healing energy! Place a selected print beside you or above your head and see if it speaks to you! This is a great way to integrate art medicine with that of the sound/song of the sound journey - to be both inspired & to help inspire others. To anchor your experience, you may wish to take your print home with you; all prints are available for purchase after the event!


We gather together in the South Point of the Celtic Medicine Wheel to discover the joyfulness and the song of creation that sings within us - to tap into our inner child and to be filled with wonder, inspiration & creation. 

As children, if we wanted to sing, we would sing. If we wanted to draw a picture, we would simply draw a picture. It didn’t matter if we were “good at it.” We just simply did it & we had FUN doing it! We lived from a sate of imagination - we were in the world, and not of the world. Somewhere along the way, we seem to have lost our song and stopped living in our “muchness.”. Creative expression gives us a means for open connection to the beauty & magic of nature & the inspiration of the Unseen World. This becomes our song & gives us the means to serve by inspiring others. 

“When people are in a state of creation or they're performing their creative arts, they often speak of how they lose touch with the world and they enter a different state of being. The art that they create can also create that same transcendence in those who come to it. If you stop and think about how if you spend the day at a museum seeing beautiful art or you go to a concert or a good movie or a play or to the opera, that you become transformed, you become lost and disconnected from all those worries and troubles that were with you when you entered the theater. Bards and harpers for this reason were considered healers and magicians in their own right because they could shift the mood and the temperament of an audience depending on the music that they played.” - Jane Burns, Celtic Shaman

          The Celts believe music is a gift from the gods. Every thing from the mini-est to the mightiest has resonance; everything has a song - this song of Life and all that resonates around us is called The Great Song or the Oran Mor which is carefully tended by the Fae/The Faeries. Imagine if you could hear with the ears of the Fae/Fairies - you could hear the song of Gaia, the song of the tiniest little bug, the plants, the creatures of the air, the earth, the sky & the sea - all singing in harmony! There are even energetic lines that wrap around Gaia that resonate frequency called Ley Lines (also referred to as Song Lines of the Earth). The faeries can hear when a part of nature was out of balance because its song becomes discordant. They can also see when its light has dimmed/darkened. The power of their songs and their dancing injects back into nature the healing powers of music and the healing powers of the great song. 

         To listen deeply with our hearts and with the deep inner knowing of our souls is to listen with the ears of the Fae. “The more we listen in this deep receptive way, the more our own song will sound out and strengthen and clarify itself, the more we will be in harmony with our own life and the life around us, and the more our song will be heard by others.” Through music, we have the ability to lift ourselves up out of a life that is chaotic, arduous and harsh - to transmute our pain and suffering into peace and joy.


In this practice you’ll:


  • Tap into powerful ways to cultivate peace & harmony within you
  • Connect with your Inner Child and the Fae to hear our own sing & increase the joyfulness and the awareness of the Great Song around you.
  • Begin to resonate at a frequency that brings you more in harmony in your own body and with all that is
  • Ask yourself, “What is the song that I sing that keeps me from walking my true path?… & what song can I choose to sing instead?” 
  • How am I inspired/What inspires me? & How am I inspiring others to live through their own creative expression?


Some Items you may wish to bring to enhance your experience:

Yoga Mat, Pillows for head & knees


Eye Pillow

Journal & pen/Pencil

Bottle of water

Date & Time

Wed, Apr 24, 2024 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Venue Details

Healing Concepts/Yoga757

3619 Virginia Beach Boulevard
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452 Healing Concepts/Yoga757
Yuli Arts

Hi! I'm Yuli!

I am a visual storyteller, certified Art Therapy Life Coach + Vibrational Sound Healer who weaves healing energetic frequencies through the creation of intuitively inspired Art + Sound – 2 of the oldest healing modalities of all time. 

I invite you to take a journey thru the senses of hearing + sight to See the Story Unheard – a journey to the deep inner world of wonderful & magnificent YOU – into your inner world; the world of imagery & emotions… visions & feelings. This is the place where deep healing happens – the home of your Heart + Soul – so with that I say, “Welcome Home!”

I have a very unique "flavor" to my healing methods. I incorporate the ancient wisdom of shamanic practices with the power of sound therapy and my intuitively created artwork. My passion lies in uniting my two loves, my energetically infused Art & sound healing which opens the space to provide a more immersive & personal experience for the public. The energies of the artwork and those of the sound frequencies merge together and interact with the participants. While the sound work offers an audio and resonant healing effect, the Artwork provides a visual experience before and after the sound journey. The positive meditative experience as well as the infused energies of the artwork are anchored & integrated into the participants for a longer lasting healing experience. Each time, the participant views the artwork, they will be transported to that meditative and peaceful state reached during the event. 

I currently reside in the Virginia Beach, VA area and offer my services through events at metaphysical shops, healing/wellness centers, spiritual centers, art galleries & in homes/businesses throughout the Virginia, Georgia & Ohio areas & everywhere in-between. My artwork has been exhibited locally, regionally, nationally & internationally & has been published in several web-based & print publications. Currently, I am represented by the exquisite Gallerie Ukwensi of Ghent at 424 W21st St., Norfolk, VA. 


To keep up with me & my adventures & soul lessons, follow me on FB @YuliArts333 & on Instagram @_Yuli_Arts. I also offer wisdom share, sacred sound snippets, and sacred art shares on my YouTube channel @YuliArtsTime.

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