Other Worlds

  • Jan. 18 - Feb. 7, 2022
  • La Maison Théâtre

    245 Rue Ontario Est
    Montréal, Quebec H2X 3Y6
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On a small island overrun by land developers, two radically different strangers’ lives collide after an unexpected ecological disaster. Seeking safety in a bunker, they clash and connect over their shared dislike of the developers, and their conflicting dreams of a utopia where they can do more than just survive. Other Worlds celebrates their unique journeys to claim and strengthen their own self-identity, while working to make deeper connections with the outside world. A play about well-being, friendship and belonging, and the importance of community.


Presented at La Maison Théâtre, in the Quartier des spectacles

Date & Time

Jan. 18 - Feb. 7, 2022

Venue Details

La Maison Théâtre

245 Rue Ontario Est
Montréal, Quebec H2X 3Y6 La Maison Théâtre
Geordie Theatre


Geordie Theatre provokes thought, fires up the imagination, and seeks to encourage and challenge our audience. We celebrate the art of theatre and its social and global impact by working with emerging and established artists from various disciplines and cultural backgrounds to create works that are provocative, relevant and enchanting; inspiring dialogue between communities, children and parents as well as teachers and students of all ages. We look to build relationships with and extend our audience through inclusive practices and by visiting far-reaching communities in Quebec and abroad. Since 1980, Geordie has been producing and presenting plays that are important to young people; stories that are uniquely related to them in a context that reflects the world around them and their personal experiences at home. They are always about fostering the voice of young people and giving them a vessel in which they are represented, listened to, and encouraged while inspiring dialogue with the adults in their lives about what they see and recognize.



We are an award-winning professional theatre company that has presented live English-language productions for young audiences in Quebec and abroad since 1980. Pushing artistic boundaries with provocative and important stories, Geordie delivers more than 200 performances each season and reaches more than 40,000 young people and their communities annually.

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