Our Little Secret @ The MAC

  • July 3 - 4, 2024
  • Marble Arts Centre

    13 Bridgewater Road
    Tweed, Ontario K0K 3J0
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The 23andMe Musical...

What does a 31-year-old theatre kid do when a DNA test reveals that his biological parents aren't quite who he thought they were? Write a musical, of course! Our Little Secret (Winner, Best of Fringe Toronto 2023) is the true story of the suddenly not-so-only child Noam Tomaschoff as he grapples with questions of family, identity, and just how many brothers and sisters he really has (38 half-siblings and counting).

In July of 2023, Our Little Secret burst onto the Toronto theatre scene and took the Fringe Festival by storm, selling out its run and winning both the Best of Fringe and Patron’s Pick awards. Blending comedy, drama, and addictive music, Noam takes the audience on an unforgettable emotional journey, ending with a message of optimism that is sure to make you hold your family just a little bit tighter. This absorbing, hilarious, and moving show follows Noam as he discovers his real identity and uncovers the secret that the dad who raised him isn’t his biological father. Told with humour, vulnerability, and raw emotion, it explores Noam’s own beginnings and what happens when the truth comes out and turns your world upside down.

A universal story of connection, Our Little Secret leans into joy of using art to find our way in times of change and of discovering ancestry for donor-conceived families.

Noam Tomaschoff comments "People often ask me why I decided to write a musical about my genetic discovery, and my answer is always the same: I didn’t see an alternative! Incorporating this potentially destructive news into my life story through song and storytelling has been essential not only for me, but for my family as well. A moment that could have torn us apart has actually brought us closer together. It has also been incredibly gratifying to meet other donor-conceived people who have been touched by the show and brought the optimism and hope of Our Little Secret into their own lives."

“Have you ever known that you were witnessing something that was destined to get real big, real fast? We’re overdue for another Fringe sleeper headed towards monster stardom, and it’s here. Our Little Secret: The 23andMe Musical has all the hallmarks of a hit. Stand in whatever line you need to, do whatever you can to catch this show before it goes nuclear. You’ll have bragging rights that you were there at the beginning.
Despite the weighty topic, the tone is gloriously light and funny. There is not a single false note in the entire show and no moment that feels clichéd. It’s an emotional ride of the best kind.”
- (Angela Guardiani, The Charming Modernist
23andMe is a company offering DNA testing with the most comprehensive ancestry breakdown and personalized health insights.

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Tickets are $27.50 + HST

Playing July 3rd @ 7pm and July 4th @ 7pm 
at the Marble Arts Centre

*If you require wheelchair or fully accessible seating please call the box office at 613-478-6060.

Date & Time

Jul. 3 - 4, 2024

Venue Details

Marble Arts Centre

13 Bridgewater Road
Tweed, Ontario K0K 3J0 Marble Arts Centre
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