Pet Pal Creations (3)

  • July 9 - 12, 2024
  • Uncorked Inspiration

    1223 Moro Street
    Manhattan, Kansas 66502
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Each class is two days (9:00 - 12:00)  Sign up for Tues/Wed or Thurs/Fri

Parents drop off and pick up at noon each day.


Welcome to the whimsical world of "Pet Pal Creations" – a captivating class where young minds embark on a delightful journey of creativity and companionship! In this enchanting workshop, kids not only stuff their very own lovable pet but also immerse themselves in a world of design, crafting, and personalization.


1. Stuff Your Own Pet: Our little artisans will have the joy of bringing their furry friend to life! Each child will choose, stuff, and fluff their plush companion, making it as unique and huggable as their imagination allows.

2. Design Your Pet's Carrier: Imagination takes flight as the children become fashion-forward designers for their pet's transportation! From vibrant colors to funky patterns, our budding creatives will craft personalized carriers that reflect their pet's personality – a stylish haven for their newfound friend.

3. Kerchief Neck Scarf Design: Fashionistas in the making! Kids will explore their design flair by creating trendy kerchief neck scarves for their pets. These stylish accessories will showcase the unique bond between each child and their plush companion.

4. Air Dry Clay Water Dish: Molding magic with their hands! Little sculptors will shape and design water dishes using air-dry clay, adding a touch of artistry to their pets' daily routine.  

5. Matching Tags for Pet and Backpack: No adventure is complete without a tag-along companion! Kids will design matching tags for both their pets and their own backpacks, creating a harmonious connection between their furry friends and their own sense of style. These tags will proudly declare the bond they share with their lovable creations.


"Pet Pal Creations" is not just a class; it's a heartwarming experience where creativity, companionship, and craftsmanship come together in a celebration of imagination. Join us for a journey where every child becomes the architect of their own magical world filled with love and endless possibilities! Snacks included.


Recommended age: 8 and older


CLASS TIME: Painting begins promptly at the time listed on the ticket! Please plan to arrive a few minutes prior to stat time to park, check-in, and get seated. If you are late to the class, you can still paint, but catching up is your responsibility. Parking is available on Moro Street or in the Aggieville Parking Garage only a half block from the studio.

Registration is non-refundable


DISCLAIMER: Uncorked Inspiration reserves the right to cancel the event if an inadequate number of tickets are not purchased. In such a case, tickets will be fully refunded.

Date & Time

Jul 9 - 12, 2024

Venue Details

Uncorked Inspiration

1223 Moro Street
Manhattan, Kansas 66502 Uncorked Inspiration
Uncorked Inspiration

Neal and Andrea have been married since 2006, and Uncorked Inspiration is their first attempt at turning something they love into a business. Neal's passion for art and his desire to help people unleash their creativity while helping them learn different art techniques is a perfect match with Andrea's love of teaching and organizational prowess.

Their hope is that each event and class with Uncorked Inspiration will leave their clients with a new love of art and the creative process. At the very least, they want everyone to have a great time and make new friends while creating a cool piece of art.

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